Senate Budget Committee Considers Personal Injury Protection Proposal

Mar 1, 2012


Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 1860, sponsored by Senator Joe Negron, was heard yesterday, February 29, 2012 in the Senate Budget Committee. Senator Negron and Senator Garrett Richter offered an amendment to the bill, which would have narrowed the differences between the Senate bill and the House bill, CS/CS/HB 119 by Representative Jim Boyd.  That amendment was further amended with unfriendly amendments and ultimately defeated by a voice vote.  

The Committee adopted other amendments to the bill.  Senator Garrett Richter offered an amendment that addressed crash reports.  Senator Anitere Flores offered two amendments relating to the demand letter and one that requires insurers to pay claims within 15 days after receiving a resubmitted or corrected claim.

The Committee passed CS/SB 1860 as a committee substitute by a vote of 15-5.  


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