Emerging Issues for Property Insurance Coverage, Litigation and Legislation

This third installment of the Pandemic + Hurricane webinar series will focus on emerging issues related to property insurance coverage, litigation trends, and legislative developments and proposals aimed at these issues. The webinar will be moderated by Katie Webb, head of Colodny Fass’ Lobbying and Governmental Consulting Practice, and will feature presentations from Senator Jeff Brandes, a Republican representing Florida Senate District 24; William W. Large, President of the Florida Justice Reform Institute; and Matt Scarfone, Shareholder in Colodny Fass’ Litigation Practice.

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“Pandemic + Hurricane” Part 2 Recording

This second installment of the Pandemic + Hurricane webinar series will focus on how technology can be harnessed to minimize disruptions to the claims adjusting process that are exacerbated by the pandemic. 

This webinar will be moderated by Wes Strickland, head of Colodny Fass’ Insurance Regulatory & Transactions Practice, and the webinar features Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier, along with a panel who will discuss how the pandemic alters the claims environment and how technology, such as virtual inspections, can improve claims communications and workflow.

Panel of experts

  • Mike Williams, Principal Consultant, Aon Reinsurance Solutions – Inpoint, michael.a.williams4@aon.com 
  • Quin Netzel, Managing Director – North America, Claim Central, qnetzel@claimcentralusa.com
  • Chaz T. Mello, Senior Vice President, J.S. Held, cmello@jsheld.com

Access the entire slide presentation HERE


“Pandemic + Hurricane” Part 1 Recording – 4/22/2020

This webinar is the first of series of events to provide information relating to the COVID pandemic and how it will change how the state of Florida and the insurance industry prepare for the 2020 hurricane season. The hour-long webinar was hosted by Katie Webb, head of Colodny Fass’ Governmental Consulting practice, and featured presentations from Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer and head of the Florida Department of Financial Services (“DFS”), Anne Bert of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (“FHCF”), Kyle Ulrich of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (“FAIA”), and Logan McFaddin of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (“APCIA”). You can read a summary of the webinar HERE

Presentation slides from Logan McFaddin: Business Interruption Presentation
Presentation slides from Anne Bert: Colodny Fass Wedinar 4-22-2020