Business Law

Colodny Fass represents clients in a broad range of corporate transactions and contracts, including the formation, structuring, mergers and acquisitions, and sales of businesses. We are heavily involved in all aspects of regulatory compliance and corporate representation, and are experienced in providing assistance in Management/Shareholder Disputes, Directors and Officers Liability Claims, and Negotiation and Development of Shareholders’ Agreements.

Colodny Fass handles corporate governance matters for public, private and association entities. We assist in the legal aspects of executive-level decision-making involving boards of directors and shareholders’ meetings, as well as governance protocols and documentation related to items such as risk management evaluation, conflicts of interest, and director and executive management fiduciary duties and responsibilities, among others.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of company formation, including corporate governance documents and registrations, public filing requirements and management and operational protocols. We routinely counsel boards of directors and executive management teams on their meetings, decisionmaking processes, best practices and internal controls, and a wide variety of management governance, risk assessment and operational issues.

Colodny Fass has handled corporate formation in multiple states and assists clients with all aspects of corporate documents and registration with various secretaries of state, as well as preparation and submission of applications for licensure.

We review and revise plans of operation, review pro formas, provide advice on seasoning requirements and appropriate lines of business, order required background investigations, assist in the completion of biographical affidavits and provide advice regarding fingerprinting requirements. Other related services include consultation with clients on capital and debt structuring and deployment issues, affiliate structuring and arrangements, related entity formation and licensing, third-party transactions, and a variety of operational, compliance and legal issues.

Colodny Fass lawyers have comprehensive experience in both short- and long-term corporate financing transactions, including corporate borrowing, asset-based borrowing and lending, private equity, hedge funds and venture capital. Clients include banks, bank holding companies and businesses requiring corporate finance in the form of loans or lines of credit. Our attorneys handle loan-related documentation, negotiations with lenders and borrowers, contract management, contractual relations, preparation and implementation for Florida and national clients, both private and public.

Additionally, we assist with structuring and documentation of start-ups and corporate expansions, including the negotiation and drafting of corporate documents, loan agreements, convertible debentures, sale and lease backs, and vendor agreements with the constant paramount goal of meeting the client’s corporate needs.