Governmental Consulting

With a 40-year track record of lobbying success and longstanding relationships at all levels of Florida government statewide, Colodny Fass is ranked annually among Florida’s top lobbying law firms.

We have the solid experience, credentials and a full-service Tallahassee staff of the highest caliber lawyer-lobbyists, governmental consultants and former Florida regulators who have hands-on understanding of the myriad public policy issues touched at the legislative, Executive Branch and regulatory levels, such as local government concerns, criminal justice, finance and banking issues, insurance, education and health care.

We understand the critical need to manage clients’ interests given Florida’s volatile political climate. Most importantly, with the advent of a new level of transparency and accountability in this year’s Legislature, it will become more important than ever to ensure a prompt and thorough overall approach to lobbying, and to any appropriations in particular. Our team is experienced and ready to help build the kind of presentation and consensus it will take to achieve your legislative and regulatory success.

We welcome and encourage your inquiry to any elected officials, or other members of Florida’s Executive, Legislative or Regulatory leadership as to our abilities and integrity. Colodny Fass seeks every day to earn the confidence placed in us by our clients and we look forward to beginning a productive relationship with you.