Recap: OIR Rule Hearing On Certificates Of Mortgage Release

Nov 9, 2007


On Thursday, November 8, 2007, the Office of Insurance Regulation (“OIR”) scheduled a public hearing on Rule 69O-186.017, relating to Certificates of Mortgage Release.  Customarily, the OIR schedules these hearings but will only hold them if they are formally requested in writing, by a party in interest.

The hearing on Rule 69O-186.017 was not formally requested so it was not held.  This hearing was noticed in order to discuss the repeal of the Rule, given that the statute authorizing Rule 69O-186.017 has already been repealed. 

Rule 690-186.017 reads as follows:

“The actuarially sound premium that may be charged for recording a certificate of mortgage release pursuant to Section 701.041, F.S., is a reasonable fee for actual work performed during the recording of the certificate of mortgage release, not to exceed twenty-five dollars.”


There being no hearing, the Rule is scheduled to go before the Financial Services Commission in order to be approved for repeal.




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