Public School Funding, Joint Budget Conference Committee Reports Issued

Apr 29, 2008

Subsequent to the conclusion of the Joint Legislative Budget Conferences on Sunday, April 27, 2008, the attached Public School Funding Conference Report and Appropriations Conference Report have been issued.

The Joint Budget Conference Committee convenes for the purpose of resolving differences on specific legislation.  A majority of the members of the Committee from each chamber must agree before a conference committee report may be submitted to the Senate and the House.  Neither chamber is obligated to accept the report, but usually does, since the alternative could be the failure of the legislation for that session.  Amendments may not be offered to the conference report and the report must be accepted or rejected in its entirety.

Regarding the conclusion of the Conferences, House Speaker Marco Rubio stated:

“Florida is in a recession, resulting in the worst government budget conditions in Florida’s history. It is important to remember that as bad as it may seem for government, our people are hurting even more. I am pleased that we have produced a budget that is balanced and protects core services. We have done this without raising taxes, expanding gambling, borrowing money from the rainy day fund (the Budget Stabilization Fund) or irresponsibly relying on one-time money.”