Non-Admitted Insurance Multi-State Agreement (NIMA) Surplus Lines Clearinghouse Phase II Now Operational

Oct 1, 2012


The Non-Admitted Insurance Multi-State Agreement (NIMA) Surplus Lines Clearinghouse announced today, October 1, 2012, that Phase II of its filing platform is now “in production.”

Phase II includes customer invoicing, additional reporting tools and an electronic payment portal for tax payments to be released at the end of the quarter. 

Beginning today, customers who reported business to the Clearinghouse between July 1, 2012 and September 30, 2012 will receive invoices and corresponding billing reports for the transactions submitted in the third quarter.  Customers will have the ability to pay the invoices electronically via ACH transaction using the “Pay Invoices” tab in the Surplus Lines Information Portal (“SLIP”).  Additionally, customers will be able to generate reports in SLIP to review and reconcile the transactions reported to the Clearinghouse. 

As part of its announcement, the Clearinghouse issued the following information on Phase II:


Clearinghouse Phase Two Release – Invoicing & Reporting

The second phase of Clearinghouse SLIP (filing platform for brokers) & RAPID (platform for NIMA Participating States) has been released and is now in production.  The Phase Two implementation includes:

  • Invoices for 3rd quarter taxes and fees were emailed to Clearinghouse customers this morning (Monday, October 1, 2012)
  • Brokers will have the ability to pay invoices electronically in SLIP beginning on Tuesday, October 2nd
  • Brokers now have the ability to generate reports in SLIP
  • NIMA Participating States now have the ability to generate reports in RAPID
  • Netting and allocation of reported taxes (occurs after the 45-day payment period following the end of the quarter)


Updates to Clearinghouse Website and Educational Tools

To assist SLIP users in navigating the new features in SLIP, we have updated the Clearinghouse website with the following features:

  • New SLIP Tutorials – the Video Library has been updated with additional SLIP tutorials covering topics like submitting electronic payments and generating reports in SLIP.  The Video Library is located on the Clearinghouse website at
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions – the Frequently Asked Questions on the Clearinghouse website have been updated to include additional information regarding invoices, payments and reports. The FAQs are located on the Clearinghouse website at
  • Invoices and Payments Page (New!) – We created an Invoices and Payments page in an effort to consolidate pertinent information on the website regarding the Clearinghouse billing process. Customers can access this page by clicking on the Invoices and Payments button on the Policy Filers page or visiting


September 27, 2012 Webinar Posted Online

In case you missed the webinar Surplus Lines Clearinghouse Payments & Reports presented by the Clearinghouse staff on 9/27/2012, it is now posted on the Clearinghouse website at and available for viewing at your convenience. 


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