Maryland Insurance Administration Revising Certain Property and Casualty Insurance Rules

Apr 21, 2015


The Maryland Insurance Administration is currently accepting comments on state insurance regulations relating to property and casualty insurance until June 15, 2015, specifically certain Rules within COMAR 31.08.01-.12 (Subtitle 08 of Title 31)

The reason for the review and evaluation is to determine whether existing regulations continue to accomplish the purpose for which they were adopted, as well as to clarify ambiguous or unclear language, and repeal obsolete or duplicative provisions.

Note that, in reference to the list below, Chapter 31.08.07 Medical Malpractice-Closed Claims Surveys was repealed in 2003.

31.08.01 Anti-arson Application
31.08.02 Toll-Free Telephone Number
31.08.03 Notices of Cancellation, Nonrenewal, Premium Increase, and Reduction in Coverage
31.08.04 Motor Vehicle Insurance-Out-of-State Coverage
31.08.06 Nation-Wide Marine Definition and Plan for Interpretation
31.08.08 Lead Poisoning
31.08.09 Group Self-Insurance for Workers’ Compensation
31.08.10 Medical Professional Insurers Online Claim Survey Reporting Requirements
31.08.11 Liability of Insurer-Failure to Act in Good Faith
31.08.12 Temporary Moratoriums and Weather Events

To view the entirety of Title 31, which governs the Maryland Insurance Administration, click here.


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