FPCA Member Input Needed on Condo Glitch Bill Draft

Dec 30, 2008

Passed during Florida’s 2008 Regular Legislative Session, House Bill 601 relating to condominium associations created issues of law regarding condominium insurance. 

Colodny Fass has received input from Florida Property & Casualty Association (“FPCA”) members that will assist in addressing some of these issues in a “Condo Glitch Bill” during the upcoming 2009 Florida Legislative Session.

The Florida Association of Insurance Agents, which has promulgated the attached bill draft, is among those entities working to correct portions of HB 601.

The FPCA will participate in a joint meeting on the issue with Legislative staff at a later time.

FPCA member comments regarding deductibles have been shared with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and Legislative staff, however, additional FPCA member input is needed.   

Further member comments should be forwarded to Katie Webb at kwebb@cftlaw.com and Fred Karlinsky at fkarlinsky@cftlaw.com.