FPCA Homeowners Division Statewide Windpool Proposal–Feedback Requested

Mar 9, 2009

During the FPCA Homeowners Division conference call held today, March 9, 2009, a proposal by Towers Perrin to conduct a study on the impacts of a consolidated statewide windpool in Florida was discussed.

The group unanimously agreed that the study was a good idea and the FPCA should move forward expeditiously.  Also, it was concluded that interested non-FPCA parties could access information from the study on a fee basis.

A copy of the Towers Perrin proposal is attached for your review.  If approved, the fee for the study (not to exceed $5,000.00 per company) will be assessed to FPCA Members less, on a prorated basis, any contributions from non-FPCA participants.

If there are any remaining assessed funds, they will be used for other studies, public relations initiatives, or other projects approved by the FPCA.

  • YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED:  The FPCA is conducting an electronic vote on whether to move forward with the study per the terms in the attached proposal. 

Please e-mail Trevor Mask at tmask@cftlaw.com by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, with a “yes” if your vote is to move forward with the Towers Perrin study or a “no” if your vote is not to move forward.

Please note:  This e-mail and the documents contained herein are confidential except for the Membership of the FPCA.