Florida Police Chiefs Association Update–Week of February 20, 2012

Feb 24, 2012


The following is an informational update on law enforcement news, events, legislative developments and meetings relating to the Florida Police Chiefs Association community for the week of February 20, 2012.  Click on the hyperlinks in bold type to access all information.

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Florida Police Chiefs Association President Joins Other Law Enforcement Officials After Personal Injury Protection Fraud Legislation Advanced

Law enforcement officials and seniors, as part of the effort to ‘Put the Brakes on Accident Fraud,’ today applauded the Florida House Economic Affairs Committee for advancing legislation that would bring Florida one step closer to ending the $1 billion accident fraud problem that is hurting families across the state.


Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater Announces 9 Arrests in Undercover Sweep of Tampa Accident Clinics

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater today announced the arrest of nine accident clinic employees for soliciting undercover agents posing as accident victims.


Police chiefs and politicians crack down on speeding cops

A Sun Sentinel investigation has spurred South Florida police chiefs and elected leaders to crack down on speeding cops with threats of tough punishment and tracking technology.


South Florida Corrections Officer Sentenced on Federal Civil Rights Charge

A corrections officer was sentenced to prison today in federal court for a civil rights charge stemming from prisoner abuse that took place at the South Florida Reception Center (SFRC), a state prison in Doral, Fla., the Justice Department announced.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Seeks Wider Ban on Synthetic Drugs

‎Joined by members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Sheriffs Association and Florida Police Chiefs Association, Attorney General Pam Bondi pushed Tuesday for bills sitting before legislators that would ban a new list of synthetic drugs.


Daytona police chief claims judge has ‘bias’ in drug case

‎The judge “skewed” the facts.  That’s what outraged Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood accused Circuit Judge Joseph Will of doing when the jurist said he believed the word of an elderly woman over two officers who made a drug arrest.


Port St. Lucie Police Chief Reuther faces at least 44 competitors for his job

‎It was almost one year ago Police Chief Brian Reuther was sworn into the Police Department’s top spot after a divisive battle over the firing of former Chief Don Shinnamon in 2010.


West Palm Beach may not announce police chief until early summer

‎Four months after Delsa Bush stepped down as chief of the West Palm Beach Police Department, NewsChannel 5 has learned that her successor may not be announced until early summer.

West Melbourne seeks mediation for chief, not firing

West Melbourne Police Chief Brian Lock has been under fire in recent months.

Southwest Florida Police Chiefs Association honors Circuit Judge G. Keith Cary

Thursday, members of the Southwest Florida Police Chiefs Association  gave local Circuit Judge G. Keith Cary a standing ovation as he was presented with a special certificate of recognition.


Coral Gables police chief has a long commute

‎Coral Gables may be the City Beautiful, but that word can’t describe what’s going on at the swanky city’s police department.


Editorial:  Let’s break the mold

With 90,000 residents and 10 million visitors a year traversing this popular international beach resort, Miami Beach is as much a paradise as a paradox.


Actor Charlie Sheen police-escort scandal may lead to lawsuit

A former District of Columbia Police commander whose unit escorted actor Charlie Sheen has said he plans to file a whistleblower lawsuit, alleging he was demoted because he said such escorts were common.


USA Today:  Immigration enforcement program to be shut down

The Obama administration is starting to shut down a program that deputized local police officers to act as immigration agents.


U.S. Department of Justice Cautions That Fraudulent Charges May Appear on Your Phone Bill

Did you know that your telephone bills may contain charges for products or services other than telephone service, much like charges on a credit card? 





U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:  Final Results from the Evaluation of the Center for Employment Opportunities Transitional Jobs Program

This report presents the final results of the evaluation of a comprehensive employment program for former prisoners that provides temporary, paid jobs and other services in an effort to improve participants’ labor market prospects and reduce the odds that they will return to prison.  It found that that the program substantially increased employment early in the follow-up period but that the effects faded over time.  The initial increase in employment was due to the temporary jobs provided by the program.  After the first year, employment and earnings were similar for both the program group and the control group.  The program significantly reduced recidivism, with the most promising impacts occurring among a subgroup of former prisoners who enrolled shortly after release from prison, the group that the program was designed to serve.


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:  Emergency Department Visits Involving Illicit Drug Use Among Males

This report examines characteristics of emergency department treatment visits involving illicit drug use among males based on annual averages for combined 2004 to 2009 data.  Combined 2004 to 2009 data indicate that males made an annual average of 634,361 emergency department visits involving illicit drugs.  Cocaine was involved in nearly half of all the emergency department visits involving the use of illicit drugs among males (49.7%).  About two fifths (43.4%) of visits for illicit drugs among males involved one illicit drug only, whereas one fifth (20.3%) of visits involved multiple illicit drugs.  Nearly 3 in 10 (29.2%, or 185,016 visits annually) emergency department visits involving illicit drugs by males resulted in hospitalization.


The Urban Institute:  Evaluation of Camera Use to Prevent Crime in Commuter Parking Facilities–A Randomized Controlled Trial
Each year an estimated 3.3 million people have their cars stolen or broken into.  In 2008, the total value of stolen cars was roughly $6.4 billion, while another $1.6 billion was lost through thefts from cars.  This study identified what parking facility characteristics and management practices might create opportunities for crime, analyze those findings in relation to past crimes, and identify promising crime reduction strategies.  Overall, the analyses revealed that after the cameras were added to Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) parking facilities, car crimes specifically and crimes in general remained at pre-camera levels. Researchers also found no evidence of displacement or diffusion to areas surrounding the Metro stations.  These findings are consistent with recent research suggesting that video surveillance cameras are more likely to have an impact when they are highly concentrated, actively monitored, and integrated into the broader law enforcement strategy.

U.S. Government Accountability Office:  Afghanistan Security

Department of Defense Effort to Train Afghan Police Relies on Contractor Personnel to Fill Skill and Resource Gaps

U.S. Government Accountability Office:  Emergency Communications

Various Challenges Likely to Slow Implementation of a Public Safety Broadband Network





Notice of Change/Withdrawal

The Florida Department of Management Services, Division of Retirement has announced a Notice of Change for the following proposed Rules relating to the Florida Retirement System: 

60S-1.004: Participation
60S-1.005: Special Risk Class; Legislative Intent and Procedures
60S-1.0053: Criteria for Special Risk Membership – Correctional Officers
60S-1.0054: Special Risk Administrative Support Class
60S-1.0057: Senior Management Service Class
60S-1.007: Admission of Cities and Special Districts to the Florida Retirement System

To view the proposed changes for each Rule, click here.