Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Public Hearing on Citizens Property Insurance Rates Scheduled for August 25, 2015

Aug 11, 2015


The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (“OIR”) has scheduled an August 25, 2015 public hearing on rates filed by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation that would become effective on February 1, 2016 for new and renewal business.  

Average statewide rate changes filed for Citizens’ Coastal Account (“CA”), Commercial Lines Account (“CLA”) and Personal Lines Account (“PLA”) include, but are not limited to commercial property, homeowners, mobile home and dwelling/fire coverage.

Although Citizens has not filed any proposed rate changes for sinkhole coverage, additional filings received prior to the hearing may be discussed.

The list below outlines the proposed rate changes that Citizens has already filed with the OIR:

15-15843:   +1.3% to Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA)

15-15848:   +9.0% to Homeowners Multi-Peril Wind Only (CA)

15-16013:  +9.5% to Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) Wind Only (CA)

15-16016:   -0.9% to Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) (PLA)

15-16391:   +10.4% to Mobile Home Multi-Peril Wind Only (CA)

15-16392:   -5.3% to Mobile Home Multi-Peril (PLA)

15-16470:   -4.1% to Mobile Home Physical Damage (PLA)

15-16471:   +9.8% to Mobile Home Physical Damage (CA)

15-17008:  +5.2% to Commercial Property Residential Multi-Peril (Ex. Condo Association) (CLA)

15-17009:   +5.0% to Commercial Property Residential Multi-Peril Condo Association (CLA)

An agenda has not yet been published.

Input from Citizens, as well as interested parties will be received at the August 25 hearing, which begins at 9 a.m. in Room 401 of the Florida Senate Office building in Tallahassee.

To view the complete hearing notice, click here.



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