Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate Homeowners’ Policy and Claims Bill of Rights Working Group Holds Final Session Today

Jul 18, 2013


The Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Homeowners’ Policy and Claims Bill of Rights Working Group (“Working Group”) meets for the second of two consecutive days in Tallahassee today, July 18, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. (ET).  

To join the live Webcast in progress, go to www.TheFloridaChannel.org  (Channel 1).

To view today’s agenda, click here.  

Led by Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate Robin Smith Westcott, the Working Group’s morning session includes the following topics:

  • Insurers’ Right to Repair: Safeguards and Warranties for Consumers 
  • Non-Renewal of Policies – Post Claim, but Prior to Repairs 
  • Mortgage Company Withholding of Funds for Repairs for Loans in Arrears 

The afternoon session will include discussion on mortgage company guarantee of 100 percent of replacement cost on the evidence of property insurance, mediation and appraisal, and the issue of creating a policyholders’ bill of rights.

Public comment will be taken after both the morning and afternoon sessions. 

To participate in the meeting, call (850) 413-1558, Conference ID: 6125894 

More information can be viewed on the Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate’s Web page by clicking here.

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