Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Advises Insurers on Hurricane Hermine Reporting Requirements

Sep 8, 2016


In a Bulletin issued September 7, 2016, the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund advised Participating Insurers on reporting requirements in the wake of Hurricane Hermine.

To view the complete Bulletin, click here.

Extensive Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund information is also available online at www.sbafla.com/fhcf/.  

This includes:


  • Hurricane-related notices and documentation (under “Hurricane Related Insurer Information/2016 Hurricane Season”), 
  • Loss reporting instructions and forms (under “Insurer Information,” “Current Year,” “Loss Reporting”), 
  • Reimbursement Contract (under “Insurer Information,” “Current Year”), 
  • Data Call (under “Insurer Information,” “Current Year”), 
  • Member Handbook (under “Insurer Information,” “Current Year”), 
  • General information on retentions and projected payout multiples (under “Insurer Information,” “Current Year”), and 
  • Applicable Florida Administrative Code rules (under “FHCF Rules”). 



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