Florida House Committee Passes Bill Restoring Non-Stacking Waiver for Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Mar 6, 2013


House Bill 341 relating to Uninsured Motorist Insurance by State Representative Clay Ingram passed the Florida House Civil Justice Committee unanimously with little discussion and no debate today, March 6, 2013.

The bill would restore the general effectiveness of a non-stacking waiver for uninsured motorist coverage whereby the person buying the coverage makes an election between stacking or non-stacking coverage that is binding on the family.  The result would return current insurance law to the status quo that existed before the Travelers v. Harrington court decision and clarify, for both insurers and insureds, the true extent of coverage offered by uninsured motorist policies.  

HB 341, which was passed by the Insurance and Banking Subcommittee on February 13, has also been referred to the Regulatory Affairs Committee.


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