Florida Health Care Proposals To Be Heard This Week Differ

Apr 15, 2013

The following article was posted to the SaintPetersBlog on April 15, 2013: 

Health Care Proposals to be Heard This Week Differ in Approach and Reach

By Karen Cyphers


This week, as House and Senate committees take up three alternative plans to Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, two main factors separate these proposals: first, whether they will accept federal funds; and second, whether they create a publicly-administered program or offer vouchers instead. 

The House plan (PCB SPPACA 13-03) unveiled last week by Rep. Richard Corcoran provides $2,000 subsidies to groups of low-income Floridians but does not accept federal funding; Sen. Aaron Bean’s plan (SB 1844) offers limited subsidies for certain low-income individuals, again only through state funds and to a sum that would not easily assist those in the greatest need; and Sen. Negron’s “Healthy Florida” (SB 1816), the most comprehensive of proposals, uses the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation framework to offer private health-insurance coverage for nearly the same population that would be covered under Medicaid expansion, and will likely qualify for (and rely upon) federal funds promised under ACA.

The House select committee meets on Monday at 1 pm in 17 HOB, and the Senate Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee on Wednesday at 11 am in 412 Knott.

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