Florida Governor Rick Scott Signs The ‘It’s Your Money Tax Cut’ Budget (HB 5001)

Jun 2, 2014


Governor Rick Scott signed the 2014-2015 State of Florida Budget (HB 5001) today, June 2, 2014.

Governor Scott’s transmittal letter to Secretary of State Ken Detzner is below, followed by hyperlinks to budget highlights.

To go directly to the list of HB 5001 line-item vetoes, click here.


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Secretary Ken Detzner, Secretary of State
Florida Department of State
R. A. Gray Building
500 South Bronough Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Dear Secretary Detzner:

The It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget, as passed by the Florida Legislature and signed into law today, cuts taxes for Florida families, holds the line on tuition and provides historic levels of education funding in Florida.  We first recommended this Budget in January to put more money back into the pockets of Florida families through $500 million in tax cuts.  I am pleased to report that we have reached our goal for Florida families this year.  These tax cuts will ensure that Floridians can keep more of their hard-earned money and pursue their dreams in our state.

The tax cuts in this Budget will also help Florida maintain positive economic momentum as our state’s economy continues to add jobs and opportunities for families.  Florida’s unemployment rate is down to 6.2 percent and has remained below the national average for nine consecutive months.  In a little over three years, Florida’s private sector has created more than 600,400 jobs and Floridians all across the Sunshine State are finding greater job opportunities and are now better able to provide for their families.

In addition to cutting taxes and creating an environment where our private sector can grow, the It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget continues our commitment to invest in education.  This Budget includes historic funding levels for K-12, state colleges, and universities in Florida.  We have remained focused on equipping Florida’s education system with the resources necessary to provide every student a world-class education.  In addition to historic funding levels for education, we worked with the Legislature this Session to hold the line on tuition, making college more affordable for every family in our state.  By increasing the accessibility of higher education for all, we are investing in Florida’s future, training our state’s workforce, and building an opportunity economy where every Florida family can succeed.

This Budget includes strategic investments that give Florida taxpayers a positive return on investment.  It is our responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer funds, and that is why I have vetoed special legislative projects totaling $68.9 million.  The It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget totals $77 billion of strategic investments for Florida’s future and includes $605.6 million in budget savings and a more productive state workforce.

This Budget furthers our commitment to making Florida the best state in the nation to live, work, and raise a family.  By cutting taxes, eliminating burdensome regulation, and making strategic investments that improve the lives of families, we have put Florida on a path towards prosperity and opportunity for our children and our grandchildren.


To view budget highlights click the hyperlinks below:




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