Florida Division of Agent and Agency Services Licensee Continuing Education Rule Amendments Effective August 4

Jul 17, 2013


The Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Agent and Agency Services advised that amendments to Rules 69B-228.180, “Forms,” and Rule 69B-228.220, “Licensee Compliance; Requirements; Penalties for Non-Compliance,” were filed for adoption with the Florida Department of State yesterday, July 16, 2013, and will take effect on August 4.

The amendments implement changes made to Section 626.2815, F.S.  Effective October 1, 2014, licensees will be required to complete a five-hour update course every two years specific to the license held.  The course will cover insurance law updates, premium discounts, ethics, disciplinary trends, industry trends and suitability of insurance products. This will affect licensees who began their continuing education cycle on November 1, 2012, and are scheduled to complete the cycle in October 2014

To access the full text of the amended Rules, click here.


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