Florida Board of Employee Leasing Companies Reviews Applications at July 24, 2013 Meeting

Jul 24, 2013


The Florida Board of Employee Leasing Companies’ Board of Directors (“Board”) met via conference call today, July 24, 2013, to discuss general business. 

After the meeting was called to order by Chair John Jones, Board members reviewed and acted upon the following employee leasing company applications:

  • Paychex PEO III, Inc. (GL Applicant) – Approved
  • Paychex PEO IV, Inc. (GM Applicant) – Approved, pending an updated renewal certificate and updated Form 8871

The Board reviewed and approved the following de minimis exemption and registration applications:

  • Employer Flexible HR, LLC – Approved
  • Staff-Line, Inc. – Approved

The following controlling person relinquishments were also approved:

  • Neal George Bibeau, CO – Approved
    • AlphaStaff, Inc.
    • AlphaStaff 2, Inc.
    • Alpha Staff Holdings, Inc.

No individual reports were provided from the Office of the Florida Attorney General, Office of the General Counsel, the Board of Employee Leasing Companies’ Executive Director or Chair.

With no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned.

To view the meeting agenda, click here.


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