FAJUA Special Board of Governors Teleconference Agenda 2/24/2006

Jan 4, 2007

Please see attached information below regarding a phone conference scheduled for tomorrow, February 28, 2006 at 9 a.m. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact me.


Rhett E. O’Doski

Good Afternoon all!

The FAJUA has scheduled a special Board of Governors teleconference for Tuesday, February 28, 2006, at 9 AM. The dial in number is 1-877-526-3010 and access number is *6812003*.

1. Call Meeting to Order/Anti-Trust

We are here to discuss and act on matters relating to the business of the FAJUA and not to discuss or pursue the business interests of our individual member companies. We should proceed with caution and alertness towards the requirements and prohibitions of federal and state anti-trust laws. We should not engage in discussions -either at this meeting or in private conversations- of our individual companies’ plans or contemplated activities. We should concern ourselves only with the business of the FAJUA as set forth in the agenda for this meeting. Only FAJUA market matters may be discussed at the meeting and each company’s voluntary market plans cannot be discussed. In addition to anti-trust concerns, we should also be mindful of the requirements of the Government In The Sunshine Law which requires all discussions between two or more Board members be held in an open and properly noticed meeting. Board members should not otherwise discuss Association matters that may foreseeably come before the Board.

2. FAJUA Advisory Committee Report

3. Proposed changes to FAJUA Articles of Association


1. The Board of Governors from those eligible members volunteering may shall, pursuant to the Operating Principles, and whatever bid or application process the Board has approved, designate, subject to ratification of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Florida, one or more members authorized to act as servicing carriers. In selecting servicing carriers the preferred policy is for the Board of Governors to use a competitive bid or request for proposals procedure. The Board may shall designate and contract with such member or members so designated for such periods as determined by the Board of Governors. The designation of a member or members to act as a servicing carrier for the Association shall be deemed ratified by the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Florida unless within 30 days the Insurance Commissioner notifies the Board of Governors in writing that a member so designated is not ratified.

Additional servicing carriers may be designated as necessary at any time by the Board of Governors as described above. The Board of Governors shall provide for the establishment of the scope, terms, standards, and compensation applicable to the services to be provided. Any member acting as a servicing carrier, must be a multiline automobile insurer and must meet the eligibility requirements for servicing carriers described in the Plan of Operation and established from time to time by the Board of Governors.

2. The assignment of producers agents to servicing carriers shall be made pursuant to the Operating Principles. Evidence of violations of rules shall be reported to the Insurance Commissioner for appropriate action.

5. Any Other Matters

6. Adjourn

Please contact us should you have questions. Have a great day!