DFS Civil Remedy Notice Web Application Revision Advisory

Apr 14, 2009

The Florida Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) has advised that its Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violations web application has been modified to include a new “Comments” function. 

This function replaces the “outcome pick list” previously used by insurers to provide the “disposition of the alleged violation” pursuant to F.S. 624.155(3)(e).   

All insurers are encouraged to notify the DFS of the outcome of notices using the new “Comments” function only (DFS specifically instructs not to send paper or fax communications regarding outcomes).

Additional advisory comments from DFS include the following:

  • DFS continues to receive copies of written communications between the parties involved in many Civil Remedy notices. The “Notice of Insurer Violations” and the “disposition of the alleged violation” are the only statutorily-required communications to DFS. While DFS recognizes the need of the parties to communicate with one another, it is encouraging all parties not to copy the DFS on these non-required communications.
  • Should a party feel compelled to send non-required communications, please submit such communications via the new “Comments” function. This is the only mechanism for including the additional information in the electronic record. The Civil Remedy System does not include a functionality which allows documents to be attached to records. As a result, paper and fax communications to DFS are stored separately and not as part of the official online record.
  • To use the comments field, search for the Civil Remedy Notice under the “Search Filings” header. Once the appropriate Civil Remedy Notice is opened, click “Add Information” at the top of the filing (below the filing number). Enter the comments into the text box and click “Submit.” After clicking “Submit,” the comments will appear at the bottom of the Civil Remedy Notice.


Should you have questions concerning this change, please contact Colodny Fass.


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