Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Thursday, December 31

Dec 31, 2009


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Report: Florida’s Workers’ Comp Market is Competitive

A new report released by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation concludes the state’s workers’ compensation insurance market is competitive.


Fla. among states to pass fire-safe cigarette law

A new law will take effect Friday in Florida and 11 other states that requires fire-safe cigarettes to go out when not in use.

Smokers in Florida and 11 other states will be lighting — and relighting — fire-safe cigarettes designed to go out when they’re not puffed as the result of new laws that will take effect Friday.


Driving test of a lifetime

Roger Young says his neighbor Julian Andorka is “one of the worst drivers . . . ever.”


EDITORIAL:  Florida licensing hassle about to get worse

Applying for a driver’s license already is a hassle.


Florida Doctors Insurance Company Acquires Physicians Preferred Insurance Company and Physicians Preferred Insurance Management, LLC

Florida Doctors Insurance Company announced today it has successfully completed a merger and acquisition of Physicians Preferred Insurance Company, making FLDIC the fourth largest admitted writer of physicians and surgeons medical professional liability insurance in Florida.


CFO’s New Year’s Resolution Recommendations To Floridians Focus on Insurance Management

With a new year around the corner, many Floridians will be making resolutions to improve their lives.  Florida CFO Alex Sink recommends including resolutions to take control of your family’s finances and better manage your money.


BLOG:  Jamie Grant, son of former Sen. John Grant, to seek House seat

The son of a long-time Florida lawmaker plans to ring in the new year by making his own run for public office.


‘Shadow warrior’ Rep. Dean Cannon girds to cement power grip

Dean Cannon was fresh out of law school and burned out on politics.


Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy:  Wrong time to cut Florida’s corporate income tax

Here we are at the bottom of a deep hole, and now Gov. Charlie Crist offers us a shovel when we could really use a ladder.


New laws: Texting while driving, smoking targeted in 2010

Texting while driving, smoking in public and cooking with artery-clogging trans fats will be that much harder under a bevy of state laws set to take effect around the country on Friday.


‘Space Caucus’ vows to ease blow of shuttle layoffs

Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp and members of the “Space Caucus” are vowing to cushion the blow of at least 3,500 layoffs when the shuttle fades into history as early as next year.


Congressional Budget Office Increases Tort Reform Savings Estimate  

A new study by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office almost doubles its earlier estimate of the reduction in cost of medical liability insurance through a common package of tort reforms.


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