Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Wednesday, May 18

May 18, 2011


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


10:00 a.m.–Florida Board of Employee Leasing Companies Board of Directors Meeting; Teleconference:  888-808-6959; conference code:  9226020.  To view the agenda, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    Florida Governor Scott Signs Property Insurance Cost Control Bill

    Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law legislation that promises to lower costs for the state’s property insurers, including what they pay on sinkhole claims.


    Governor Rick Scott signs sweeping property insurance changes into law

    The insurance industry celebrated Tuesday after Governor Rick Scott signed a sweeping property insurance bill into law.


    Governor Scott signs property insurance rewrite

    A sweeping and controversial measure aimed at reducing costs to property insurers and liability for taxpayers was signed into law Tuesday by Governor Rick Scott, who said it was a significant first step in restoring the private insurance market in Florida.


    Governor Scott signs bill aimed at aiding Florida insurers

    A law Governor Rick Scott signed Tuesday is expected strengthen property insurance companies that cover damages to homes and businesses from hurricanes, fires and other hazards, but critics say it’ll mean higher rates for their customers.


    Insurance bill signed into law

    Governor Rick Scott signed into law on Tuesday a sweeping property Insurance bill that allows insurance companies to raise rates 15 percent annually to cover rising costs.


    Insurers get OK to raise property rates

    Governor Rick Scott signed a property insurance bill into law Tuesday that will allow insurers to raise rates up to 15 percent a year to cover reinsurance costs.


    Insurers applaud newest Florida law

    A measure aimed at reducing costs to property insurers and liability for taxpayers, sponsored by Senator Garrett Richter, R-Naples, was signed into law Tuesday by Governor Rick Scott, who said it was a step in restoring the private insurance market in Florida.


    Florida Governor Scott Sides Against Homeowners

    Governor Rick Scott on Tuesday signed into law a bill backed by the Insurance industry which makes it harder for homeowners to collect on sinkhole and hurricane claims.


    Senator Fasano Disappointed on Behalf of Homeowners that Senate Bill 408 Has Been Signed Into Law

    Senator Mike Fasano, who has been a vocal opponent of Senate Bill 408, a comprehensive property insurance package that includes a substantial rate increase for homeowners, expresses his extreme disappointment that Governor Scott signed the bill into law today.


    Blog:  Governor Rick Scott signs industry-friendly insurance bill that saves Florida households by gouging them

    Governor Rick Scott today signed this year’s insurance “reform” bill that allegedly helps consumers by raising their prices, reducing their coverage and creating new hurdles to getting claims paid.


    Hurricane fund gets more time to consider 2005 claims

    A panel chaired by Governor Rick Scott has agreed to file an emergency rule giving the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund more time to respond to an influx of claims from 2005 storms.


    Florida’s Cat Fund Eyes $12 billion

    The Florida Hurricane ­Catastrophe Fund could issue up to $12 billion of bonds if needed to pay claims during this year’s hurricane season, according to estimates prepared by senior ­managers.


    Governor Rick Scott set to speak at Hurricane Conference today

    Emergency managers, government leaders, researchers and meteorologists meet this week in Fort Lauderdale at the Florida Governor’s Hurricane Conference.


    Life insurance practices to be topic of Florida Office of Insurance Regulation public hearing

    The state Insurance regulator will have a public hearing on life insurance companies’ practices on Thursday.


    Florida worker insurance fraud up, but bosses do it, too

    Even during a troubled economy, and possibly because of it, business has never been better for Paul Colbert.


    ‘Taj Mahal’ courthouse judge hit with ethics charges

    Judge Paul Hawkes on Tuesday was charged with six instances of judicial misconduct and could be thrown off the bench for actions alleged during his time at the 1st District Court of Appeal.


    Governor Scott sifting through $69.7 billion budget for additional cuts

    Governor Rick Scott said he intends to hack away at the state budget that lawmakers passed earlier this month, but defended his own decision to spend state dollars to tack his name onto highway welcome signs.


    Governor Scott’s likely approval of elections bill could spark showdown with feds

    Governor Rick Scott is expected to sign into law on Wednesday a contentious elections bill and likely spark a confrontation with federal authorities.


    Feds yank doctors’ licenses, state doesn’t

    Two dozen Florida doctors who lost their Drug Enforcement Administration licenses as part of a federal crackdown on pain clinics still have clear Florida medical licenses.


    Florida Cabinet approves dredging 27 acres of sea grass despite environmental warnings

    Pasco County and SunWest Acquisition Corp. requested permission to dredge an 85-foot wide channel 4.8 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to a proposed county park and subdivision.  


    Florida’s water-management districts:  Florida lawmakers move to shrink Florida’s water agencies by cutting and controlling their budgets

    On a spring morning in 1995, real-estate developer B.B. Nelson walked into a Melbourne office of the St. Johns River Water Management District with a military smoke bomb.


    Florida Black Bears May Lose State Protection

    The Florida black bear, once hunted statewide, has been legally protected as an imperiled species since 1974.


    Power plant proposed in Florida panther habitat

    A large power plant with smokestacks up to 150 feet high has been proposed for a patch of Florida panther habitat south of Lake Okeechobee, setting up what is likely to be a bitter fight with environmentalists.


    Florida Education Association Considers Post Session Lawsuits

    Some public school employees consider themselves and Florida’s students victims of the 2011 legislative session, calling it a massacre against quality education.


    RMS:  April Tornado Outbreak To Cost Insurers Up To $6 billion; Majority Of Loss In Alabama

    A third catastrophe risk modeling firm has weighed in on estimating insured losses from the late April tornado outbreak, putting a price tag of up to $6 billion on the insured damages.


    Washington Post:  Consumer watchdog crafts new complaint system

    One of the most daunting tasks facing the new federal agency charged with protecting Americans’ wallets is also the most basic: answering complaints from consumers.



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