Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, February 12

Feb 12, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


There are no Florida insurance-related events scheduled for today.



Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Citizens Property Insurance approves 31,000 more policies for take out

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. board members approved the removal of up to 31,000 wind-only policies in South Florida on Monday, removing about $30 billion in risk and $840 million in annual probable maximum loss from its books.


Pompano Beach couple awarded $6 million after jury finds their insurer maliciously prosecuted them

A South Florida jury has awarded $6 million in damages to a Pompano Beach couple after finding their insurance company breached their contract and maliciously prosecuted them.


Florida slashes rates by $98 million for force-placed insurer; advocates want more

Florida regulators said today they approved an 18.8 percent decrease in rates for Praetorian Insurance Co., one of the major insurers that cut deals with lenders to provide expensive homeowners insurance to replace customer policies that lapsed.


Congresswoman Frederica Wilson hosts congressional briefing focused on reducing homeowners’ insurance rates

Today, the Office of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) hosted a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill to inform policymakers of critical proposals to reduce the cost and increase the availability of  homeowners’ insurance. 


Crackdown With Sandy Victims Still In Limbo

While a lot of people are dealing with the aftermath of the blizzard, there are some who are still dealing with the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, which hit more than three months ago.


Blog:  Any ideas to fix property insurance mess?

If you own property in South Florida, you know the only thing worse than the threat of a hurricane is the reality of windstorm insurance.


Florida residents object to price of insuring golf carts

Is it a car or a golf cart?
Some vehicles in The Villages are blurring that line, and that’s causing a controversy.


Florida:  Doctors dispute physician dispensing as Workers’ Compensation cost driver

The 2012 Annual Workers’ Compensation Report from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation points to the “developing physician drug dispensation issue,” saying workers’ comp rates could decline 1.1 percent if the state were to limit the amount physicians can charge for repackaged drugs.


Latin Media Sources Acquires Spanish Insurance

Latin Media Sources of Miami, Florida has agreed to purchase the assets of Spanish language insurance lead provider, Spanish Insurance, LLC also known as Espanol Seguros.


Blog:  Another Dozen Legislative Races Take Shape As Incumbents File For Re-Election

A dozen incumbents and five other potential candidates have filed paperwork during the past week to join the growing list of people planning to run for the House in 2014, according to the state Division of Elections website.


Blog:  House Panel Backs Campaign Finance Overhaul

Looking to revamp Florida’s campaign-finance system, a House panel Monday approved a bill that would eliminate murky political committees while dramatically increasing the amounts of money candidates could raise from individual donors, reports Jim Saunders of the News Service of Florida.


Blog:  Business And Industry Leaders Gather To Discuss State’s Transportation Future

Today, the Florida Chamber Foundation, in partnership with Florida Department of Transportation, hosted more than 150 business and industry leaders interested in Florida’s transportation future.


The Florida Current’s Session Outlook: The 2013 Florida Legislature

Starting today, The Florida Current is publishing a series of articles examining the important issues the Florida Legislature will face during the 2013 session.


Hays bill would allow government to buy land only if equal amount sold

A key senator says he was “astounded” to learn how much of Florida is owned by government agencies, and he has introduced legislation that he said should start a conversation about how much is needed.


The Florida Current’s 2013 Session Outlook:  Gaming

Last year, big casino conglomerates made a big push for large casinos in South Florida. The lead up to the 2012 session was full of all the hype and hope of a still-spinning roulette wheel, but those hopes were dashed when the casinos found out they couldn’t play with Florida House money.


Trial to Decide Travelers, Reinsurers Asbestos Award

New York state’s highest court on Thursday said a trial must determine whether Travelers Cos. deliberately structured a nearly $1 billion asbestos settlement to force its reinsurers to pay more than their fair share.


Farmers Insurance Pulling Out of Louisiana

Farmers Insurance Exchange, which has around 23,000 homeowner and 7,000 auto policies in Louisiana, is dropping those lines of business in the state, but a company spokesman said Friday it will retain more than 100,0000 policies in Louisiana under three other brand names.


Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Audit of Insurance Department

An Oklahoma state senator wants the governor to request a performance audit of the agency that regulates insurance in that state.


HMS Bounty’s Sinking During Sandy Under Investigation

More than a week before Hurricane Sandy became a superstorm that would zero in on the U.S. Northeast, while it was just a tropical depression bouncing around the Caribbean, a captain headed out to sea. The HMS Bounty sailed dead into the path of Hurricane Sandy.



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