Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar 23, 2015


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


10:00 a.m.–Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Rule Development Workshop. Proposed amendments to Rule 19-8.028, “Reimbursement Premium Formula.”
11:00 a.m.–Florida Insurance Guaranty Association  Board of Directors teleconference meeting.  Discussion of 2015 legislative updates.  To view the meeting notice, click here.
1:30 p.m.—Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance meeting.  To view the meeting packet, click hereAgenda includes consideration of the following bills, among others:

    • SB 1006 relating to Depopulation of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
    • SB 1088 relating to Civil Remedies Against Insurers
    • SB 1064 relating to Assignment of Post-Loss Insurance Policy Benefits
    • SB 1298 relating to Insurance for Short-Term Rental and Transportation Network Companies
    • SB 830 relating to Regulation of Corporation Not for Profit Self-Insurance Funds

    2:00 p.m.–Florida Self-Insurers Guaranty Association Audit Committee meeting.  Teleconference:  (866) 866-2244; conference code:  7903005.



      Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


      Battle over red light cameras intensifies in Florida

      While lawyers wrangle in court over red-light cameras and state lawmakers threaten to overhaul rules governing the controversial devices, some Florida cities have simply turned them off, Orlando Sentinel’s Stephen Hudak reports.


      Florida Biogenesis Scandal Could Prompt Anti-Aging Clinic Regulation 

      Under Florida law, clinics that accept payments only in cash and refuse insurance payouts — as Biogenesis did — aren’t regulated by Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, Tim Elfrink reports for the Miami New Times.


      Florida Medical Association priority bill gets second Senate hearing but lingers in House

      The Florida Medical Association is championing a bill that would limit an HMO or insurance company’s ability to limit access to pharmaceuticals or other covered services is being heard by its second committee in the Senate this week.’s Christine Jordan Sexton reports.


      Optometry not the kind of industry that needs disruption

      Legislation that has been filed in the Florida Legislature this year that would make it easier for patients to be targeted and ultimately harmed by discount contact lens websites and retailers,’s Peter Schorsch writes.


      Governor Rick Scott’s tax cuts and education spending at risk in House and Senate budgets

      As the release of the House and Senate budgets showed on Friday, Florida’s financial picture has changed dramatically.  Florida Governor Rick Scott, who’s gotten used to having much of his agenda endorsed by the Republican-controlled Legislature in past years, could be due for a disappointment, explains Tampa Bay Times’ Michael Van Sickler via “The Buzz” blog.


      Tax credit program for blighted areas to end

      After two years of negative reports, lawmakers are prepared to end a decades-old program giving tax breaks to businesses in areas with chronic poverty and unemployment, Gray Rohrer reports for the Orlando Sentinel.


      A Tallahassee taboo, talk of gas tax hike silenced by Scott

      Florida relies heavily on a federal transportation trust fund that is nearly insolvent, Tampa Bay Times’ Michael Van Sickler reports via “The Buzz” blog.


      Galvano’s Whiskey and Wheaties Proposal A Test of Clout

      A legislative effort to put together whiskey and Wheaties – a proposal backed by a future Senate president – may be fading, James Rosica reports for the “Political Fix Florida” blog.


      Day 21:  5 things to watch in Tallahassee

      Today will be the busiest Monday so far, especially for the Senate, an appropriate start for what should be the most hectic week yet, Tampa Bay Times’ Michael Van Sickler forecasts via “The Buzz” blog.


      Florida guardianship horror stories may lead to change

      Florida lawmakers are in the process of overhauling the state’s guardianship laws.  The changes are aimed at installing some checks and balances to ensure that guardians, who have considerable power once they are appointed to a case, are qualified and that their actions can be reviewed.  Carli Teproff and Kathleen McGrory report for the Tampa Bay Times.


      New York Department of Financial Services Opens Inquiry Into Price Optimization

      The New York Department of Financial Services on March 18 sent out letters to hundreds of property/casualty insurers operating in the state, seeking information on price optimization, Insurance Journal reports.


      Tennessee Supreme Court to Create Business Court Pilot Project

      The Tennessee Supreme Court has announced the creation of a new business court pilot project that aims to make complex commercial litigation more efficient, Insurance Journal reports.


      Bank of England Says Will Apply New Insurance Regulations Proportionately

      The Bank of England said on Friday that it would apply new European Union insurance regulations “proportionately,” following industry fears that the central bank might seek to add extra rules for companies based in Britain, Reuters reports via Insurance Journal.





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