Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, March 21

Mar 21, 2011


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2011 Regular Legislative Session

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10:15 a.m.–Senate Committee on Community Affairs

  • CS/SB 858 Relating to Agriculture (Reinsurance) by Senator Alan Hays

4:00 p.m.–House Community and Military Affairs Subcommittee

  • HB 707 Relating to Agriculture (Reinsurance) by State Representative Steve Crisafulli



Daily Insurance-Related News


Florida Residential Deregulation, PIP Litigation Bills Advance

One of several insurance-related bills being mulled by Florida lawmakers would institute flex rating for some insurance lines.


Citizens legislation threatens Florida Keys economy

Once again, Florida Keys residents and business owners need to monitor the Florida legislature in Tallahassee as a significant hurricane-related disruption to their lives is becoming more eminent — the prospect of the elimination of affordable windstorm insurance.                                 


Florida Builders to host meeting on aluminum wiring

The Home Builders Association of West Florida will host a free breakfast meeting March 29 to discuss the new regulations on aluminum branch wiring and its effects on homeowners’ insurance.


Letter to the Editor:  Homeowners insurance coverage applies to mailbox?

Mary Pitman, Vero Beach Letter:  Homeowners Insurance coverage applies to mailbox? What’s your mailbox worth? Apparently, mine is worth $13,070.


Florida Property and Casualty Association Chairman Chuck Grimsley:  Fix Florida’s broken no-fault insurance system

It is crucial this year to fix Florida’s broken no-fault automobile insurance system.


Florida one of 32 states rolling out pay-as-you-drive programs

Florida is one of 32 states that are part of the national rollout of Progressive’s newest program to offer potential reductions in auto insurance premiums.


Florida Limits Car Makers’ Liability

The Florida Senate has approved a bill that would change the apportionment of damages in product liability cases so that a judge or jury must consider the fault of all parties.


Florida’s budget shortfall grows

Florida’s economy is recovering from the worldwide economic crisis, but slower than the experts predicted only three months ago.

Florida Grows, and Prepares for Redistricting Battle

Despite sinkholes, hurricanes, high unemployment, and massive housing foreclosures, Florida still ranks among the country’s three top growth states, according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

Florida Governor Scott leaving state pension fund management alone

While Governor Rick Scott is pushing for changes to who pays for Florida’s retirement plan for state workers, he has kept people in charge of the pension fund – and the fund’s investment strategy – unchanged since taking office in January.

Editorial:  Businesses Back Move To Weaken Florida Judges

Florida courts are facing an unprecedented assault on their independence this year as state lawmakers are pushing more than a half-dozen measures that could weaken judicial power and could give the Legislature and governor more influence in selecting judges from the county courthouse

Florida House moves a Medicaid rewrite that turns upside down hospital funding 

House springs new Medicaid drafts at Health and Human Services Committee meeting that shifts $125 million away from statutory teaching, rural and children’s hospitals.


Senate proposal calls for Florida to bill feds for immigration costs

The Florida Senate’s immigration-enforcement bill includes a provision that blames the federal government for failing to enforce immigration laws or enact reforms, and says that failure is taking a toll on state resources. 


Blog:  What to expect during the third week of the 2011 legislative session

The Legislature enters its third week of the session at break-neck speed with several major pieces of legislation already headed to the floor, or in some cases already passed, reports the News Service of Florida.


Hospital bill to be debated

With the cap in place, Shands would save millions on insurance premiums.

Florida Democratic chief looks to revitalize his party

Florida Democratic Party chairman Rod Smith is not willing to write off 2010 as just a bad year for Democrats.


Governor Rick Scott guided by 3 think tanks:  Cato Institute, Reason Foundation, Heritage Foundation

Individual liberty, free markets, peace. That’s the slogan of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank.


Opinion:  Repeal of seaport law poses risks to residents, visitors

Today, 10 years worth of successful security at Florida’s 12 public seaports is under attack.


Louisiana Citizens may feel hit from Japan

The earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear plant disasters rocking Japan will probably drive up the cost of re-insurance for the state’s property insurer of last resort, officials said Friday.


Louisiana Citizens Insurance rates to rise July 1

Insurance rates for 113,000 Louisiana homeowners will rise an average of 6.5 percent July 1 after the board of the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation narrowly approved the increase Friday.


New York Fraud Investigators Arrested 668 Last Year

New York investigators arrested 668 people accused of insurance fraud last year, including a Brooklyn woman arrested after a fist fight and a surgeon who made $3.5 million by billing for working more than 24 hours a day

The Dumbest Insurance Fraud Cases of All-Time

Desperation, greed and the lack of common sense are possible reasons insurance fraudsters try to make a fast buck at the expense of others.  



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