Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, March 12

Mar 12, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


Senator Mike Fasano kills Senator J.D. Alexander’s bid to shrink Catastrophe Fund, passes Citizens Property Insurance assessment bill

Senator Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, on Friday stripped off provisions from a bill that would have reduced the coverage of the state’s property reinsurance fund by $2 billion over two years.


Bill language repealing septic tanks inspection requirement passes Florida House, headed to governor

The House on Friday passed a repeal of the statewide septic tank inspection requirement as part of a Florida Department of Health reorganization bill. 


Governor Rick Scott declares victory after Florida Senate signs off on auto insurance fix

Florida Governor Rick Scott put on an aggressive lobbying effort during the final day of the session and in the end was able to successfully shepherd his top priority through what was considered a dysfunctional Senate.


A Miami story:  Flashy cars, brazen thieves and murder 

Things were going terribly wrong late last year for exotic car-rental broker Raimundo Modia:  In mid-December, his customers made off with a 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago and a brand new Audi R8.


Florida House creates a late-night workers’ compensation train

A workers’ compensation train took off from the Florida House late Thursday night.


Medicaid conforming bill clears divided Florida Senate

A full-court press by counties fell short on Friday night, as some unlikely supporters helped the Senate approve a sweeping Medicaid conforming bill that includes a controversial plan to deduct county revenues to collect unpaid bills.


3rd time is charm for Representative Matt Hudson’s health reorganization bill

After three years of trying, the Legislature on Friday passed a reorganization of the Florida Department of Health.


Local hospital bill passes

A veteran Senator pulled a local bill out of the jaws of defeat the last day of the legislative session and passed a bill that would eliminate the North Lake County Hospital District in 2017 unless voters agree to its continuation.


1 of 3 High-Profile Negligence Claims Bills Reaches Florida Governor Scott’s Desk

Aaron Edwards squirmed in delight on his mother’s lap in the Florida Senate gallery Wednesday as the chamber passed a bill to compensate him for negligence during his birth at a public hospital 14 years ago that left him unable to walk, talk or control his limbs. 


Ready for special session? Florida Supreme Court rejects Senate redistricting plan

The state Supreme Court on Friday rejected the Florida Senate’s redistricting plan, meaning lawmakers will be returning to Tallahassee later this month to redraw some of the lines.


Sine die 2012 — The session that was

The Senate gambled and lost on prison privatization and parent trigger bills, and a much-hyped casino bill busted, never making it to the House floor.


    District ruling may put state Senators Evers, Gaetz at odds

    State Senators Don Gaetz and Greg Evers may find themselves running against each other after the Florida Supreme Court ordered the redrawing of Senate district lines.


    Blog:  Florida regulatory agency cuts staff as mortgage broker count plummets

    The number of mortgage brokers in Florida plunged from 81,695 in 2007 to 39,956 in 2010, a decline that’s leading to cuts at the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.


    Florida Growers Seek Help on Immigration, Invasive Pests

    Immigration and invasive pests topped a lengthy list of concerns of Florida farm leaders on Friday.


    Property Owners Urged to Claim Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Assessment Rebate

    State officials in Louisiana are calling on property owners to claim their assessment rebate charged on their insurance policies.


    Forced-Place Insurance Rises On Fed’s Radar

    The head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will propose regulations this year imposing strict limits on use of force-placed insurance for homeowners’ rising to a place of concern among consumer advocates where it should not be an industry expert says.


    National Association of Insurance Commissioners Study of Stop Loss Insurance Critical To Risk Retention Groups

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners decision to study whether stop loss model laws should be modified to account for inflation is a potential “critical issue” for the risk retention industry, an industry lawyer says.



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