Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, July 8

Jul 8, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

There are no insurance-related events scheduled for today.



Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Three Florida Supreme Court Rulings Again Hammer Insurance Industry

The insurance industry took a beating last Wednesday in the Florida Supreme Court, THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports on


Editorial:  Lifestyles of Florida’s Rich and Insured

Customers of Citizens Property Insurance Corp., Florida’s state-run “insurer of last resort,” are about to see their premiums go up, the Editorial Board for Northwest Florida Daily News writes.


WLRN Forum:   Sea level rise and South Florida — are doomsayers right or wrong?

Rolling Stone magazine says Miami – and much of South Florida – is doomed to drown.  You wouldn’t know it based on what you hear from state leaders.  While county and local officials say they are working on solutions, are they pursuing the right ones?


Inspections, Regulations for Florida Restaurant Waterfront Docks Nearly Non-Existent

South Florida’s strict building codes have put a halt to most restaurants and bars building decks that jut out over open water. But the ones that remain have been decaying for decades in salty, murky water under a blazing sun without any oversight


Florida insurers lining up as health exchanges come online

Several insurers have indicated they would like to participate in the federal health exchange for Florida, but the list is not finalized.  In addition to Florida Blue, paperwork was submitted by other major insurers such as Humana and Cigna, Tia Mitchell reports for Tampa Bay Times.


Former insurance agent falsified AFLAC applications, Florida authorities say

A former AFLAC insurance agent based in Lake Park is accused of using false information to open new insurance policies, Brittany Shammas reports for the Sun-Sentinel.


Mike Fasano a Possible Appointee for Pasco Tax Collector

Rep. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Mike Olson, the long-time Pasco County tax collector who died last week, reports Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet.


Insurers, State Regulators Try to Block Federal Insurer Oversight Rules

MetLife Inc. and Prudential Financial Inc. have been joined by state regulators challenging the Federal Reserve on how to oversee the biggest insurers under the Dodd-Frank law, Zachary Tracer and Craig Torres report for Insurance Journal.


FEMA Urged To Address Rate Hikes in New Flood Insurance Legislation

Members of Congress are demanding that the Federal Emergency Management Agency finesse the impact of steep flood insurance premium increases mandated by a 2012 law, National Underwriter’s Arthur Postal reports for


Former AIG Boss Building New Insurance Conglomerate

Last year, Hank Greenberg’s Starr units took in about $2.7 billion in gross premiums from insuring businesses in the aviation, construction and marine industries, among others, the Wall Street Journal Reports


New Jersey Gas and Electric Company Sues 11 Insurers Over Hurricane Sandy Coverage

Public Service Enterprise Group Inc., the largest provider of gas and electric service in New Jersey, sued 11 insurers, including American International Group Inc., over losses from Hurricane Sandy, Bloomberg reports in Insurance Journal.


Just the Housefax, please

Housefax, a service that offers comprehensive property reports to potential buyers, launched nationally this month, Ilyce Glink reports on CBS’ MoneyWatch.


Lloyd’s CEO to Resign

Richard Ward has announced his intention to resign as CEO of Lloyd’s at the end of the year, Chad Hemenway reports for National Underwriter’s



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