Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, February 25

Feb 25, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

There are no Florida-related insurance events scheduled for today.



Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Lawmakers contemplate a Floridians-only Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

As lawmakers continue to grapple with how to slash Citizens Property Insurance Corp.’s list of 1.3 million policyholders and the massive risk it represents, one group has emerged as a potential target:  Non-Floridians.


Blog:  Good News Now, Question Marks Later for Florida Citizens Property Insurance

Coming on the heels of a major deal that transferred 31,000 coastal policies and $30 billion in gross exposure to private start-up Weston Insurance Co., Florida’s state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is moving to shift even more risk to the private sector with a planned $250 million catastrophe bond issuance.


Insurers cite another culprit:  Reinsurers, who don’t agree

Insurance companies need insurance too, and this type of insurance – called reinsurance – can impact the price of homeowners insurance.


Analysis:  When it comes to Citizens Property Insurance, property insurance costs, Governor Rick Scott Keeps Mum

He says he is protective of Florida families, but Governor Rick Scott can’t get a grip on one of the big pocketbook issues for many of them:  The rising cost of homeowner insurance.


Blog:  Citizens Property Insurance strains to pull in belt on spending

The Maryland insurance executive charged with cleaning house at Citizens Property Insurance has had trouble sticking to the tighter travel expense policy he put in place.


Column:  Insurers have their hands full this session

Raise your hand if you have read your entire homeowner’s and automotive insurance policies, as well as each “Important Notice” that arrives in the mail.


Tornadoes, hurricanes shape new Jacksonville weather chief

An Illinois tornado boldly witnessed as a child sparked an interest in weather that has stayed with Scott Cordero as he’s forecast floods and hurricanes and worked a typhoon’s aftermath.


Politically active Hialeah pain clinic owner to face campaign-related felony charges

A politically active Hialeah pain clinic owner surrendered Friday on allegations that he engineered illegal campaign contributions to candidates across the state.


Aetna launches individual policies for Costco members in Florida

U.S. health care benefits company Aetna has introduced individual health insurance policies to Costco members in Florida, in a move to deliver value and convenience to individuals and families.


Court Finds “Single Occurrence” Applies to Drywall Claims Arising from One Shipment

The U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania ruled last week that multiple claims that arose from allegedly defective drywall that the insured entity imported in one single shipment from China should be considered a “single occurrence” for the insurance coverage.


Don Gaetz, Will Weatherford Envision Session of Amicable Tension

As legislators have in the past, expect disagreements to continue between the House and Senate as the 2013 regular session progresses.


New agency chief promises more oversight of economic-development money

When Governor Rick Scott tapped his top lawyer last December to take over the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Jesse Panuccio became the agency’s fourth director in 14 months.


NBC:  Florida – the state to watch over the next four years

Here’s one of the eternal truths of American politics:  The stories never stop, even after a presidential election.


The Florida Current’s 2013 Session Outlook: Education

Lawmakers will continue efforts to improve Florida’s education system by leveraging digital technology and charter schools as competitive forces to change public schools.


New York Regulators to Examine 3 Insurers for Claims Practices Related to Sandy

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that the Department of Financial Services is investigating the claims practices of three insurers following the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.


Senate may reject Texas insurance commissioner  

Texas Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman could have trouble keeping her job as she goes before state senators for confirmation.


Workers compensation overhaul hailed by Oklahoma GOP leaders          

A plan to phase out Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation Court and switch to an administrative system has been endorsed by all of the state’s major political players and is being praised by state business leaders as a way to drive down insurance costs.


New York Times:  Increase in distribution centers a real estate phenomenon

Hurricane Sandy is long past, but in its wake, retailers and others are modifying “just-in-time” inventory practices and carrying appropriate levels of merchandise.



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