Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 13, 2017


Florida CFO Jeff Atwater Resigning for CFO Role at FAU

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced Friday he’s Resigning from his Cabinet Position to return to Palm Beach County and take a job as the CFO of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.  The Miami Herald’s Kristin M. Clark reports via the “Naked Politics” blog.

·         Rick Scott Salutes Jeff Atwater’s Work as CFO

·         Grady, Neal, Lee Floated as Possible Replacements for Atwater


Florida Insurers to Get Lower Safety Grades: How Many? Demotech Mum

Ratings firm Demotech says guidance on 57 Florida-Based Property Insurers is under review in the wake of 2016 storms and continuing water-claims problems, but Officials declined to say Friday how many Companies are likely to get Lower Financial Safety Grades in March.  The Palm Beach Post’s Charles Elmore reports for the “Protecting Your Pocket” blog.


Thousands of Florida Residents Affected by Unrepaired Sinkhole Properties May Have “Relief”

GSF Mortgage Corporation is now allowing Sinkhole Repair in the FHA Full 203K Loan.


Buying a Home in Miami-Dade is So Expensive, it Could Hurt the Economy

Last year, a Study on where recent College Grads have the most economic opportunities ranked South Florida dead last out of 40 large U.S. Metro Areas because of Low Starting Salaries and High Housing Costs, according to Real-Estate Website Trulia and job-networking site LinkedIn.  The Miami Herald’s Nicholas Nehemas reports.


Binding Arbitration Gets Shot Down in Florida

In a 5-to-2 Ruling handed down last month, Sunshine State Justices Invalidated an Arbitration Agreement signed by patient Lualhati Crespo and Women’s Care Florida, a Multisite Specialty Provider serving more than 350,000 Patients annually.  Wayne J. Guglielmo reports for


St. Pete Condo Owners Claim Defective Construction, Sue Builder

The 1010 Central Condominium Association, a nonprofit corporation representing Owners in the Complex at 1010 Central Ave., are Suing the Project’s Owners and General Contractor for what they claim was failure to “Employ Good Design Engineering and Construction Practices.”  Phil Ammann reports for


Florida Residents Ask How to Handle a Damaged Balcony On a Condo Building

Insurance Companies are supposed to send people who understand the nature of the problem and decide how much damage there actually is.  They may also send a Structural Engineer to evaluate the balcony for hidden structural damage.  Washington Post columnists Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin respond to a reader question.


Repeal and Replace Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance

If Florida Drivers don’t get a Replacement for the State’s Overpriced No-Fault Auto Insurance System this year, it will be Tallahassee’s fault, the Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board says.


Jason Brodeur Introduces Autonomous Vehicle Legislation in Florida House

HB 275 would streamline the process for introducing Self-Driving Vehicles on public roads in Florida, Mitch Perry reports for


Meet the Rookie House Republican Who is Defying Speaker Corcoran

When a Key Committee in the Florida House Voted this week to kill Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida, every Republican on the Panel agreed — except one.  The Miami Herald’s Jeremy Wallace reports via the “Naked Politics” blog.


Nurse Claims Lincoln National Life Insurance Unlawfully Denied Disability Benefits

Lorraine Ousley Filed a Complaint on February 1 in the Tampa Division of the Middle District of Florida against The Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. citing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.  Wadi Reformado reports for the Florida Record.


Study: South Florida Ranks No. 5 in Undocumented Immigrant Population

South Florida is home to nearly half a million Immigrants who are in the Country Illegally, making it the Metropolitan Area with the Fifth-Largest Undocumented Population in the U.S., according to a New Analysis by the Pew Research Center.  The Miami Herald’s Patricia Mazzei reports via the “Naked Politics” blog.


Liquor, Self-Defense Bills Moving in Senate

Controversial Proposals that would allow Liquor to be sold in grocery stores and shift the burden of proof in “Stand Your Ground” Self-Defense Cases were set up Thursday to be among the first items the Senate could approve when the Annual Legislative Session begins next month.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via


Joint Auditing Committee Review Hears Mixed Review of Enterprise Florida’s Success Rate Over the Past Decade

After the Florida Legislature denied Governor Rick Scott’s $250 Million in Incentive Funding for Enterprise Florida, Scott called for a Financial Review and Audit for the Agency, which House Speaker Richard Corcoran has declared he wants to kill during this year’s Legislative Session.  Mitch Perry reports for

·         House Moves Forward in Economic Development Feud


Jefferson To Become Florida’s First Charter School District

If approved by the State, Jefferson County Schools would be the first to be operated by a Charter Company. That means lots of unknowns.  Lynn Hatter reports for


Florida Schools Facing Teacher Shortages

School Districts all over Florida are facing Teacher Shortages, including in Elementary Education, which historically had the easiest jobs to fill, the Associated Press reports via


Uphill Challenge as Florida Ranch Owners Push for Easement Funding

Florida Landowners are pushing for State and Federal Governments to provide more funding for “Conservation Easements,” which are payments to Landowners to conserve their land rather than allowing development.    Bruce Ritchie reports for Politico Florida.


Undoing U.S. Financial Regulations Could Bar U.S. Firms from EU

Some U.S. Financial Institutions could be locked out of the European Market if Donald Trump’s Administration Repeals Global Rules imposed in the wake of the Financial Crisis, a top EU Official said on Friday.  Reuters’ Huw Jones reports via Insurance Journal.


Washington Insurance Commissioner Fines State Farm, Others

Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler issued Fines in January totaling $15,000 against Insurance Companies, Agents and Brokers for violating State Insurance Regulations, Insurance Journal reports.




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