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Aug 18, 2014


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News

Ten years ago, hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne turned Volusia and Flagler into a disaster zone

The Federal Emergency Management Agency declared 2004 the “most destructive hurricane season in Florida history,” and also announced that it was the biggest disaster-relief effort in U.S. history at that point, surpassing even 9/11, writes Tony Holt for the Pensacola News-Journal.


Trial lawyer haunts Rick Scott for four years

For nearly four years to the day, a Republican Tallahassee trial lawyer is still vexing Florida Governor Rick Scott over public disclosure, the Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo reports via the “Naked Politics” blog.


While victory likely for Scott and Crist, primaries include risks

With gobs of campaign cash and two of the best-known names in Florida politics, Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist seem to have little to fear facing long-shot opponents in next week’s primaries, John Kennedy reports for the Palm Beach Post.


Judge:  Sheldon can stay on ballot in Florida Attorney General race

George Sheldon can remain on the ballot as a Democratic candidate for attorney general, a Tallahassee judge ruled Friday.  Tampa Tribune’s James Rosica reports via the “Political Fix Florida” blog.


A new district yields the same result in Florida

Florida’s 5th Congressional District was regularly cited as one of the most gerrymandered districts in the country, formed when Florida picked up two congressional seats after the 2010 Census, and meandering nearly 200 miles from Jacksonville to Orlando.  Monica Hesse reports for the Washington Post.


Meet Adrian Wyllie, outlaw Libertarian in Florida’s governor’s race

The Libertarian Party candidate for governor, Wyllie is running in a year when polls show voters are starved for an alternative to Republican Governor Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, the likely Democratic nominee, Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet reports via the Bradenton Herald.


The big billion-dollar stink over sewers in the Keys

In most places, sewer projects are a humdrum affair.  Not in the Florida Keys, the Miami Herald’s Cammy Clark explains.


Big money behind marijuana amendment has human side

The Tampa Bay Times’ Stephen Nohlgren offers a glimpse into what may have motivated one of the world’s richest people to jump into Florida’s medical marijuana fray.


Attacks on Charlie Crist Show Tom Lee is Back

Tom Lee has become one of the main Republicans attacking Charlie Crist as he looks to return to leading the Florida Senate, Jeff Henderson reports for


In Hillsborough, a legacy of recession:  construction fraud spike

Even as Florida’s economy recovers, one other consequence lingers – an uptick in construction fraud.  Tampa Tribune’s Mike Salinero reports.


Do endorsements still matter?

Most Florida politicians hunger for endorsements and are eager to announce when they get them.  But do they really move the needle when it comes to swaying voters?  Tampa Tribune’s James Rosica debates the question.


NAIC Adopts XXX/AXXX Reinsurance Framework

This weekend, the NAIC Executive Committee adopted the XXX/AXXX Reinsurance Framework, which furthers an action plan to develop proposed changes to the insurer/captive regulations specific to XXX/AXXX transactions.


States Still Grappling with Surplus Lines Tax Sharing

Two years after NRRA’s implementation there still is not unanimity and conformity within the surplus lines industry over tax-sharing in general and the cost-effectiveness of NIMA to states and consumers, Andrea Wells reports for Insurance Journal.


Standard & Poor’s Urges Reinsurance Sector to Diversify

Standard & Poor’s has advised the global reinsurance sector to diversify its business risks or face negative ratings and increased volatility in earnings between 2014 and 2015, explains Judith Ugwumadu for The Actuary magazine.


Solvency II:  Small insurers could cut costs by outsourcing actuaries

The European Union’s upcoming Solvency II capital rules require all insurers to have an actuarial capability to help them assess their liabilities.  However, many firms may not have enough assets under management to allow them to meet the cost of the extra regulatory obligations,  Judith Ugwumadu reports for The Actuary magazine.


FICO to Downplay Medical Debt in Credit Scores

A move by personal credit score provider FICO to leave out or discount medical debt from its scores will boost the credit record of many borrowers, while helping lenders to better assess risk, Reuters’ Amrutha Gayathri and Emily Stephenson report via Insurance Journal.


The next ride-sharing insurance nightmare:  AirPooler

The same way Uber and Lyft connect drivers and passengers for a quick and affordable ride, AirPooler connects pilots with passengers willing to share fuel costs and other travel expenses.  National Underwriter’s Caterina Pontoriero explains.


Uber’s dirty tricks quantified:  Rival counts 5,560 canceled rides

Uber employees have ordered and canceled more than 5,000 rides from rival Lyft since last October, according to new data provided by Lyft.   CNN reports.



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