Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, February 02, 2018

Feb 2, 2018

Florida Senate Bill Would Create Panel To Plan Hurricane Fuel Reserve

The Proposal (SB 700) would set up the Florida Strategic Fuel Reserve Task Force within the Florida Division of Emergency Management.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Lloyd Dunkelberger reports via the Palm Beach Post.

2.5M Cubic Yards of Hurricane Debris Collected in Keys

Officials warned it is now Illegal to put Hurricane Debris along all roads in the Keys.  U.S. News and World Report writes.

FAIR Wants “Home Hardening Materials” Included In Sales Tax Holiday

The Florida Association for Insurance Reform said Thursday items such as Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors should be included in the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Plan moving through the Florida Legislature. Publisher Peter Schorsch reports.

PCI Report:  Florida PIP Repeal Could Cost Motorists

Repeal of Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance System would drive the Cost of Coverage up by 5.3 percent, or $67 per year, according to an Analysis conducted for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

Lawmaker Wants to Raise Insurance Rates on Car Theft Victims Who Leave Doors Unlocked

State Representative Newton Wengay Proposes if nothing will get people to lock their car doors, then maybe a Hike in their Insurance Premiums will. Jamel Lanee reports for

Brewing Fight Over Who Controls New Wave of Dockless Bike Sharing

A Bill working its way through the Florida State Legislature would stop Cities from being able to regulate Dockless Bikes, letting the Chinese Companies behind the Bill flood the Market.  Eillie Anzilotti of Fast Company reports.

Florida Shell Companies Used To Employ Undocumented Workers

Two Honduran Citizens “Rented” Insurance Policies to numerous Construction Contractors and Subcontractors who employed hundreds of Workers, causing the Insurance Companies to send Certificates of Insurance to the Contractors and Subcontractors as purported proof of sufficient Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Prosecutors said.’s Francine Frazier reports.

Lawmakers Back Florida Health Cost-Sharing Ministries

A State House Committee on Thursday overwhelmingly Approved a Bill that could help boost Enrollment in Health Cost-Sharing Arrangements offered by Non-Profit Religious Organizations.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Christine Sexton reports via

Judge Strikes Down Florida’s System For Denying Felons’ Voting Rights

The State of Florida routinely violates the Constitutional Rights of its Citizens by permanently revoking the “Fundamental Right” to Vote for anyone convicted of a Felony, a  Federal Judge ruled Thursday.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet reports.

Church Gun Bills Teed Up In Florida House, Senate

Under current Law, people with Concealed-Weapons Licenses can carry guns at Churches and other Religious Institutions, but they are barred from doing so if schools are on the property.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via the Palm Beach Post.

Florida May Issue Gun Licenses With Incomplete Background Checks

Florida has more than 20 Million Residents and has more than 1.8 Million Concealed Weapons License Holders.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Steve Bousquet reports via “The Buzz” blog.

Florida Lawmakers Changed “Stand Your Ground” Law.  Chaos Followed

Under the State’s “Stand Your Ground” Law, Citizens are justified in using Deadly Force without the need to retreat if they believe they or others face “Imminent Death or Great Bodily Harm.”  Laura Morel reports for the Tampa Tribune.

Trump Nominating Joe Gruters To Serve On Amtrak Board

Gruters will remain in Sarasota and travel regularly to attend Amtrak’s Board Meetings. He’ll continue to serve in the Florida House of Representatives. It’s not clear when his confirmation hearing will be.  Zac Anderson reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

New Payday Loan Bill Could Save The Industry.  Or Make It More Profitable.

Floridians, mostly in poor neighborhoods, took out a staggering 7.7 Million Payday Loans over 12 months in 2016 and 2017. And nearly a third of all Customers took out at least 12 Loans that year, a clear sign of the “Debt Trap” that Lenders Profit from, Critics say.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Lawrence Mower reports for “The Buzz” blog.

Sanctuary City Debate Erupts In Florida Governor’s Race

Political Battles over Sanctuary Cities — which do not comply with Federal Immigration Enforcement Requests to Detain Undocumented Immigrants — are raging across the Country, and the episode in Florida, where about 18 percent of the Population is Latino, could signal how it will play as an Election-Year Issue in 2018.  Matt Dixon reports for Politico Florida.

Trump Realty Seeks To Expand In South Florida

Trump International Realty, a Boutique Real Estate Brokerage run by the President’s Children, is expanding its presence in South Florida, where the Company intends to raise its Profile and grab a greater share of the sizzling Real Estate Market.  Alexandra Clough reports for the Palm Beach Post.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Oil And Gas Companies Can Be Sued

Days after an Explosion on a gas drilling explosion killed five men, the Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruled that giving Oil and Gas Company Operators Immunity from Lawsuits was Unconstitutional.  Liz Carey reports for the Workers’ Compensation Institute.

AON Predicts 8 Ways Cyber Threats And Business Security Will Change This Year

The Report Outlines specific actions that Aon believes Companies will take in 2018 to address Cyber Threats, as well as other Cyber Trends that it anticipates in the New Year.  Insurance Journal reports.

Western Union $586 Million Claims Deadline Extended To May 31

This is about Money Transfers related to Fake Lottery Prizes, Phony Family Emergencies, Fraudulent Online Romance and Other Scams. Such Schemes generated more than 550,000 Complaints.  The Palm Beach Post’s Charles Elmore reports for the “Protecting Your Pocket” blog.

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