Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, August 31

Aug 31, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


There are no Florida insurance-related events scheduled for today.



Daily Insurance-Related News


Emergency officials handle Isaac, email transition simultaneously

As Isaac looked to bear down on Florida, nearly 500 emergency officials had to deal with a transition of their email system that denied them access to archived emails and contact lists.


Sinkhole opens beneath Polk City home

Family can’t get belongings out

Iris Vega of Polk City was running errands when she got a frantic phone call from her family Thursday morning.


Low Income Pool preparing for Medicaid changes

Hospitals that treat the uninsured are concerned about the redistribution of Medicaid dollars.


Groups urge Florida officials not to pass on federal transportation dollars for recreation trails

Ten Florida groups supporting recreational trails are urging Florida transportation officials not to pass on about $2.6 million in trails funding from the federal government.


Isaac kept Governor Rick Scott away from convention

On the final morning of the Republican National Convention, Governor Rick Scott was as far away from Tampa as he could get without leaving the state.


Florida Governor Rick Scott seeks to boost weekend travel to Panhandle

Governor Rick Scott has a message for tourists concerned that Hurricane Isaac washed out their Labor Day weekend plans. Come on down.


Isaac Giving Local Researchers a Chance to Test New Tracking Model

Isaac is giving a team at Jackson State University in Mississippi the opportunity to test a tracking model that can predict a storm’s path with accuracy comparable to the National Weather Service.



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