Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sep 27, 2017

Taddeo Wins As Democrats Pick Up Florida Senate Seat

Florida’s Democratic Party picked up a Crucial Seat in the Florida Senate Tuesday in a Special Election triggered months ago by a Miami Republican’s Alcohol-Fueled Tirade at a bar near the State Capitol.  David Smiley reports for the Miami Herald.

Daniel Perez Sweeps HD 116 Election Against Gabriele Mayaudon

Perez will replace Jose Felix Diaz in HD116, which covers parts of Southwest Miami-Dade County and has historically leaned Republican.  Allison Nielsen reports for


Florida Disaster Chief Quits As State Recovers From Hurricane

Florida’s Disaster Management Chief announced his Resignation Tuesday as the State continues to recover from one of the largest, most destructive Hurricanes in Decades.  Arek Sarkissian reports for the Pensacola Beach News-Journal.


Citizens Insurance Faces $1.2 Billion in Irma Claims; Total Insurance Hit is $3.7 Billion

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. faces $1.2 Billion in Losses following Hurricane Irma, Board of Governors Chair Christopher Gardner reported Wednesday.  Michael Moline reports for


Florida Insurers Raise Obamacare Rates By Double Digits

Health Insurers selling Affordable Care Act Plans in Florida will Raise Monthly Premiums by nearly 45 percent on average next year.  The Miami Herald reports via Crain’s Miami.

Nursing Home Deaths: Owner’s Hospital Was Paid $48 Million For State Prisoner Health

The Payments to Larkin Community Hospital started the same year the Owner settled a Federal Fraud Lawsuit that accused him of Bilking Taxpayers.  Arek Sarkissian reports for the Naples Daily News.

Florida Extends Continuing Education Deadline For Insurance Professionals

To help accelerate Hurricane Irma Recovery Efforts across Florida, CFO Jimmy Patronis announced an Extension of Continuing Education Deadlines for Licensed Insurance Professionals in Florida.  Insurance Journal reports.

FCCI Insurance Group Appoints Welch to Board of Directors

Welch has been Associated with FCCI as an Agent for more than 30 years and was chosen for the role based on his experience with FCCI, in addition to his Industry Knowledge and Agent Perspective.  Insurance Journal reports.

Florida Hospitals:  Rock-Solid Through Hurricane Irma

Through all the ups and downs of Hurricane Irma – the power outages, the flooding, the desperate quest for essential supplies – there was one place Floridians knew they could count on in a time of need. Florida’s Hospitals were there for the people of our State, performing as flawlessly as anyone could hope to under the most trying circumstances imaginable. Publisher Peter Schorsch reports.

Roof Repairs Could Take Months In Orlando

Roofers across Central Florida say it could be a year or more before their workload gets back to normal, and there is a backlog of people waiting for repairs.  Amanda Ober reports for WESH.

Florida House Goes Michael Bay With Irma Recovery Video

The Florida House of Representatives Graphics Team has done it again, putting together an uplifting 5-minute clip about the State’s Recovery after Hurricane Irma. Publisher Peter Schorsch reports.

Brightway Insurance Opens New Agencies In Georgia And Florida

Brightway is one of the largest Property/Casualty Independent Insurance Agencies in the Country.

Former Congressman Mark Foley Claims He Was Swindled Out Of His $60k Porsche By Bankrupt Florida Dealership That Resells Pricey Wheels To Palm Beach Bigwigs

Foley and others like him never signed their Titles to New Exotic-Car Owners who are now Driving their Fancy New Cars all over South Florida without Proper Ownership Papers.  Jose Lambiet reports for the Daily Mail.

Port Canaveral Takes $2.9 Million Hit From Hurricane Irma

The biggest Financial Cost from Irma will be about $1.5 Million to repair Extensive Erosion on the South Side of Eastbound Lanes of State Road 528, at the Western Edge of Port Property.  Dave Berman reports for

Florida Is One Of The Worst States For Teachers, Study Says

Florida Ranks Fifth from the Bottom out of the 50 States and Washington, D.C., according to a Study from the Personal Finance Website WalletHub, which Analyzed Data on a variety of factors including Teacher Salaries and Pensions, Turnover Rates and Public School Spending.  Kyra Gurney reports for the Miami Herald.

U.S. House Defeats FAA Bill With Private Flood Insurance Provision Attached

The House Voted 245-171 Monday against Expedited Passage of a Legislative Package that would Reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration for Six Months and let Federally Backed or Regulated Mortgage Lenders accept Private Flood Insurance.  Bloomberg reports via the PCI SmartBrief.

Dubai Stages First Public Test of Drone Taxi Service with Electric Volocopter

In a Video of the Test, the All-White Drone Rose, unoccupied, about 650 feet over the sand near Jumeirah Beach Park, flew itself for about five minutes, and then gently landed.  Sara Clemence reports for Bloomberg via Insurance Journal.

Lloyd’s of London Wants to Insure Self-Driving Airplanes and Ships. Regulators (and the Public) Won’t Let Them

Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyds, says the Insurance Giant has been ready to Insure Autonomous Vehicles, Michael J. Coren reports for Quartz.




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