Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sep 19, 2017

Property Insurance Bill Proposed in Florida Senate Moves to Committee

State Senator Dorothy L. Hukill (R-Port Orange) thinks the Potential Turmoil Property Owners could face in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma demonstrates the urgent need for the Assignment of Benefits Legislation she is Sponsoring.  Glenn Minnis reports for the Florida Record.

Governor Ordered “Freeze On Any and All” Insurance Rate Hikes.  But It’s Not That Simple

The Order did not explicitly prevent Regulators from Approving Rate-Hike Proposals Filed before the Order was issued and scheduled to take effect during the emergency period.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Ron Hurtibise reports.

Hurricane Irma aftermath: Floridians Without Flood Insurance Face Astronomical Bills

Property Owners make Two Fundamental Errors in thinking when it comes to Flood Insurance.  Casey Logan reports for USA Today.

FEMA Reimbursing Residents For Damaged Equipment

Florida Residents Impacted by Hurricane Irma can Receive Federal Reimbursement for some Equipment used or Purchased for Storm Relief.  Carlos Munoz reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Despite Rising Seas and Bigger Storms, Florida’s Land Rush Endures

Florida was Built on the Seductive Delusion that a Swamp is a Fine Place for Paradise.  The New York Times’ Lisette Alvarez reports.


Janet Cruz:  Hurricane Prep Should Be Bipartisan

Much has been said about how the intensity of emotions regarding Hurricane Irma brought with it a spirit of togetherness among Floridians who got through the storm, but can that spirit pervade the State Legislature? reports.

Five Broward Lawyers Arrested After 19-Month Insurance Scheme Bust

“The Personal Injury Attorneys were exploiting the Motor Vehicle Accident Victims in this case,” said BSO Detective Kristy Frederick. “[They] were using them to, basically, pad their pockets with money.” reports.

Security First Approved for Business in Arkansas

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Allen Kerr granted a Certificate of Authority to Security First Insurance Co. of Ormond Beach, Fla., to sell Property/Casualty Products in Arkansas Excluding Workers’ Compensation.  Insurance Journal reports.

Florida Will Burn Hurricane Irma’s Trash, Use It To Power Homes

The State specializes into turning trash into electricity.  David Grossman reports for Popular Mechanics.

Disaster Unemployment Pay Available for Workers, Self-Employed in South Florida

Those Approved for Disaster Unemployment receive up to $275 a week, according to Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity.  Marcia Heroux Pounds reports for the Sun-Sentinel.

Get That SunPass Ready – Tolls Are Coming Back

Toll Collections will resume at 12:01 a.m. Thursday on most State Toll Roads. reports.

Chemical Explosion at Florida Food Warehouse Injures 3

Lakeland Fire Department Officials said about 50 people were evacuated from the area around the Natural Advantage Food Flavorings Plant on Friday afternoon.  Insurance Journal reports.

Many Nursing Homes Aren’t Prepared For Even Basic Emergencies

It does not take a Hurricane to put Nursing Home Residents at Risk when disaster strikes.  Jordan Rau reports for NPR.



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