Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners — Tuesday, May 10

May 10, 2011


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Florida legislators load November 2012 ballot with property tax, other long-sought amendment proposals

The just-finished legislative session will be remembered for more than the $3.8 billion deficit or the political meltdown that marred its finish. It will also be known for packing the November 2012 election ballot with seven constitutional amendments – from abortion to religion to property taxes.   


Florida school districts take big budget hit during legislative session

For schools, the annual legislative session left in its wake a $1.1 billion funding cut — and, unlike in years past, a slew of new policy reforms to go with it.


Florida’s 2011-12 budget at a glance

Florida’s $69.7 billion budget and implementing and conforming bills for the 2011-12 fiscal year beginning July 1 at a glance: Spending breakdown Education: $21.2 billion.


Florida lawmakers quietly pass charter boarding school for troubled youth

A new statewide charter boarding school for troubled youth was quietly passed by Florida lawmakers amidst a crush of bills dealing with the budget in the final hours of the legislative session.


Editorial:  Florida’s fiscal watchdogs put on a short leash

The Republicans in Tallahassee sent a conflicting message about accountability by putting a tighter leash on a state-funded fiscal watchdog. The GOP-dominated Legislature is making big changes to the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability.


Law boosts drug court funding

A new law signed by Governor Rick Scott last week could mean more money for the state’s drug courts — but how much money, and how it will affect the judiciary, remains to be seen.


Business community won big in Florida Legislature – many others lost

Florida’s Republican-led Legislature wrapped up a 2011 lawmaking session Saturday that was historic in scope.


No applicants for state’s top education post

With a national reputation as a leader in education reform, and more aggressive changes on the way, Florida should be an easy sell for those seeking a new education commissioner.


Of the people, by the people:  Time for reapportionment

Florida holds the national title for the most gerrymandered state legislature in the country. Also for the least representative delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives.


Florida’s high-speed rail money goes to 15 states

More than $2 billion in high-speed rail money that was rejected by Florida Governor Rick Scott was redistributed Monday to 15 other states.


Online travel providers lose chance to settle tax dispute in Florida Legislature

Online travel providers lost their bid to settle a hotel tax dispute with Florida counties in the state Legislature.


Alachua County mulls whether property tax revenues should go toward transportation plans

Seeking ways to pay for their long-term transportation plan, county commissioners will consider whether property tax revenues generated by future development should be in the funding mix.


With Indianapolis’ new school-funding formula tied to enrollment, is it robbery or fairness?

Put simply, Indiana’s new school-funding formula will cut aid to schools where the poorest children live and boost funds for schools in the state’s wealthiest neighborhoods.


New York Times:  A Highly Praised Schools Bill Hits Some Snags

A sweeping schools bill that advocacy groups lauded as a landmark and that the federal secretary of education, Arne Duncan, described as a national model is hitting snags in the Illinois House.




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