Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners — Thursday, January 6

Jan 6, 2011

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Scott freezes Florida rule-making, contracts

Florida Governor Rick Scott got to work less than an hour after taking office Tuesday by signing executive orders to freeze rule-making and some contracts and require state agencies to screen employees’ immigration status.


Florida OKs 1st Race to Top funds for school districts

The state has approved the first $25 million in stimulus spending from Florida’s $700 million federal Race to the Top grant for 11 school districts.


Blog:  Palm Beach, Broward, other Florida school districts face stiff class size penalties

More than half of Florida’s school districts face fines for breaking the state’s class-size law, with Palm Beach County taking a $16.6 million hit and Broward taking a $3 million hit, state Education Commissioner Eric Smith has said.


    Florida Voucher Program Set to Expand

    Florida’s corporate school voucher program could expand by $35 million next year, which would be enough to send 6,000 additional children on the waiting list to private schools throughout the state.

      School buses could become roving billboards

      House Bill 109 would allow school boards to enter into contracts with vendors to place advertising on school buses. Half the money generated from the advertising would be directed to transportation and the other half would be used to fund whatever programs the school board wishes.


      Florida’s Budget Hole Now at Least $3.5 Billion

      Florida’s budget shortfall hit at least $3.5 billion Tuesday as analysts dialed-back the state’s revenue forecast, saying sluggish tax collections and a still-faltering economy are complicating the balancing act facing Governor-elect Rick Scott and legislators.


      State Senator David Simmons to be in thick of education debate

      State Senator David Simmons of Maitland will be a major player in deciding how far-reaching Florida’s education reforms will be

      When the Florida Legislature meets in March and April, Senator David Simmons is expected to be in the thick of education reforms proposed by new Gov. Rick Scott.


      Dolphins seek Broward tax support for stadium renovation

      The Miami Dolphins are pushing a change in state law that would let Broward County spend hotel taxes across county lines — on a $225 million renovation of the team’s stadium in Miami-Dade.


      Editorial:  Will Florida corporate, property tax cuts create jobs?

      Rick Scott faces a mighty challenge when he assumes office today with job creation atop his agenda.


      Letter to the Editor:  Florida educators’ poor pensions are truly appalling

      In response to the article about Florida’s public pensions being too generous, I strongly beg to differ.


      Blog:  Palm Beach County schools’ chief learning officer to resign Jan. 17

      Ann Killets, the Palm Beach County school district’s chief learning officer, will retire in two weeks to care for her sick mother, local education sources said.


      School districts pay top dollar for top talent

      Browder successor likely to be paid more

      Lee County’s next superintendent won’t be paid in gold bars, but the school district might need to cough up big bucks to entice a new leader.


      Blog:  Veteran or new, school faculties test well

      Schools’ grades indicate no pattern for experience

      1:10 A.M. – It’s no surprise, but Lee County’s highest-performing public schools employ the district’s most experienced teaching staffs.


      11 students arrested after Northeast High School brawl

      A fight involving dozens of students broke out near the cafeteria of Northeast High School after a dispute over a cellphone. The youths, all juveniles, may face 10-day suspensions, the school system said

      A scuffle over a cellphone escalated into a fight among dozens of students Wednesday morning at Northeast High School in Oakland Park, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.


      Delray ex-principal charged with furniture theft released on bond

      Former Plumosa Elementary School Principal Priscilla Maloney, arrested Tuesday and charged with stealing furniture and other items from her own school during a seven-month period last year, did not appear in court this morning.


      Editorial:  Student languages: More than Spanish

      Spanish is by far the language most spoken by students in the United States who are trying to learn English.


      After freak accidents, parents renew call for school defibrillators

      It was the second play of a high school football game. A 16-year-old tight end caught the pass. As he broke free from a defender, he was struck in the chest by another player.


      End-of-course tests better than FCAT?

      For years Florida students, teachers and parents have griped about the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. They said it was too limited and given too late in the year. They also said it was too stressful. Well, the Legislature listened.


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