Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–May 15

May 15, 2008

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Teachers union poised to fight amendments

Group will challenge voucher revival, also may battle tax swap

Major interest groups are gearing up to campaign against three constitutional amendments that will be on the November ballot: two that would authorize school vouchers and one that would swap $9.5 billion in property taxes for higher sales taxes.

Public payrolls feeling the pinch

Government jobs are less secure in Southwest Florida as counties, schools and cities in Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasota counties trim their budgets by cutting staff.

OPINION: School psychologists help needy students, bring in federal funding

Florida’s $4 billion budget cut has resulted in a drastic reduction of funds allocated specifically for public education.

Go to school on education

Time for a quick test on education issues in Florida. This is a true-false test. Ready? Go.

Get ready for a pile of paper when you vote this summer and fall

You’re likely to get a sheaf of papers when you vote this fall in Broward County, as Florida shifts from electronic, touch-screen voting machines to paper ballots.

Fla. to Consider Key Church-State Question

Funds Ban for Religious Groups at Issue

The potential repeal of a century-old Florida law barring state funding for religiously affiliated organizations is to be put before the voters there this fall, at the end of a lobbying battle that has attracted the attention of President Bush and has engaged a coalition of liberal or secular educational groups.

Schools in Broward’s minority communities still lack basics

Schools in Broward’s black neighborhoods had rusted-out water fountains, not enough textbooks, few if any advanced classes, and children were forced from neighborhood schools to integrate white campuses.

Broward schools look to get tough on bullying

Broward School Board members discussed a proposed anti-bullying policy that would apply to physical as well as online harassment.

Hoping to crack down on school bullying and harassment, Broward School Board members on Tuesday discussed a new policy that emphasizes prevention, training and close monitoring of all complaints.

Dade school cuts don’t include jobs — so far

Miami-Dade School Board members on Tuesday mulled additional millions in cuts to next year’s budget, but have yet to tackle the most painful one: jobs.

Increasing the size of gifted and physical education classes, reducing magnet school budgets and having school police work fewer days are among the most recent budget cut ideas being considered by the Miami-Dade school district for next year.

School board to debate psychologists’ dismissal

Following the abrupt dismissal of about 40 school psychologists last week for budget reasons, two Miami-Dade School Board members say they will propose rehiring them and looking elsewhere for cuts.

School Board endorses Pons’ budget suggestions

Leon County School Board members gave the green light to move forward with items that will cut or reduce services and jobs based on recommendations by Superintendent Jackie Pons.

Schools Take New Budget Hit

As Hillsborough County school administrators weigh how to cut millions from their budget, they dropped more bad news Wednesday: The Legislature cut 15 percent of the money paid to schools that perform well on the state’s report card.

Collier school district faces $19.4 million deficit in 2008-09

Bob Spencer knew he was in a precarious position, standing before the Collier County School Board Tuesday.

Schools losing more funding

Brevard Public Schools will lose another $4.22 million in federal funding, increasing the district’s total loss to $38.42 million next school year.

Earthquake in China Highlights the Vulnerability of Schools in Many Countries

The enormous loss of life in collapsed schools around China’s quake-stricken Sichuan Province could have been significantly reduced using known methods for designing or retrofitting structures in earthquake zones, several experts on global hazards said Tuesday.

UF trustees OK $47 million in cuts

University of Florida trustees on Wednesday approved President Bernie Machen’s plan to cut spending by $47 million because of reductions in state funding.

U.S.: Colleges may admit illegals

Federal officials say N.C. schools aren’t required to consider students’ status

North Carolina is free to admit illegal immigrants to public colleges and universities, federal officials said Friday.

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