Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–July 14

Jul 14, 2009

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Miami-Dade property tax hike possible

Amid a record drop in real estate values, does Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez think a property tax increase is necessary to balance the budget? Voters will find out Wednesday, the last possible day — under state law — a proposed budget can be submitted.

Already, union officials say they are hearing the county will push for a 5 percent pay cut for employees. County officials declined to comment.


Palm Beach County eyes 15% jump in tax rate

Keeping ‘s property tax rate flat this year is simply unrealistic, county commissioners said Monday.


Martin County looks at budget, proposes tax rate increase

Many homeowners in Martin County could pay more in property taxes yet continue to see reductions in service at county libraries, parks


Volusia budget proposal would not slash services

Against a backdrop of plummeting property values, Volusia County Manager Jim Dinneen on Monday released a “stay the course” budget proposal — that still could wind up costing some homeowners more in property taxes.


Lake School Board members might change their minds about new tax

This time last month, School Board members in Lake County were adamantly opposed to levying a new property tax to raise money for public schools.


Construction officials: Broward school repairs audit wrong

Contractors making repairs after Hurricane Wilma did not overcharge the school district, officials said.

Auditors got it all wrong when they reported that two contractors ripped off the Broward School District while making Hurricane Wilma repairs, officials of the district’s construction department said Thursday.


Blog: Broward School Board member may resign and seek seat in Florida House

Maureen Dinnen, a member of the Broward School Board since 2004, is considering a run for the Florida House of Representatives.


Plan will keep Panhandle school district afloat

Drastic cutbacks and federal stimulus money will help keep a broke Panhandle school district afloat.


Column: DOE slow to act on ID threat

You know that feeling you get, when you speed through a red light or run a stop sign?


Florida Communities Pay Attention to a Tax Case

The Villages, a sprawling retirement community in Central Florida, has become embroiled in a dispute with the I.R.S. over tax-exempt bonds and back taxes.


No time to settle in: Budget’s urgent

The freshly painted walls and cherry wood-colored bookshelves in Priscilla Taylor’s new county commission office are bare.


Tampa may raise fees for emergency calls, building inspections

The price tag for city rescue workers to restart your heart, start an intravenous line or take you to the hospital may soon go up.


State program to get 4-year-olds ready for school still a work in progress

Just like the children who enter the program, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten in Florida turns 4 years old this year.


Kudos roll in for Tampa teacher

Tampa teacher two Gov. Charlie Crist says of Megan Allen, who was selected last week as Florida’s Teacher of the Year: “Not only is she a credit to her profession, but her contributions in and out of the classroom exemplify the type of teaching that has moved Florida’s education system to 10th in the nation.”


Column: Whack Legislature’s pay–Vindictive lawmakers cut school boards

The Legislature never tires of meddling in public education. The latest example is the decree that school board members cannot make more money than a starting teacher in their district.


Schools worry about new grading system

The news for many high schools in the state was not rosy when the Florida Department of Education released school grades in June.


U.S. Education Chief Urges Union to Aid Reform Push

As about 2,000 gathered at a Washington hotel yesterday for the American Federation of Teachers conference, Sue from West Virginia wanted to know: How do you evaluate teachers fairly in a merit-pay system?


Why America is flunking science

Don’t just blame poor education for our nation’s scientific illiteracy — but our politics and pop culture

In the recent Tom Hanks/Ron Howard film “Angels & Demons,” science sets the stage for destruction and chaos.


Regional Shift Seen in Education Gap

Historically, the achievement gap between America’s black and white students was widest in Southern states, where the legacies of slavery and segregation were reflected in extremely low math and reading scores among poor African-American children.


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