Annual Insurer Report Card Rulemaking to Resume September 8, 2010

Aug 2, 2010


The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has scheduled a September 8, 2010 hearing to resume the rulemaking process on the following proposed new rules relating to the adoption of an Annual Report Card for authorized residential property insurers:

69M-236.001                                                             Purpose
69M-236.002                                                             Definitions
69M-236.003                                                             Methodology
69M-236.004                                                             Limitations and exclusions          
69M-236.005                                                             Data Sources

The Report Card will be used by the Office of the Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate as required by section 627.0613(4), F.S.  According to the law, the Report Card must be prepared on a form, using a letter-grade scale.  The proposed Rules set forth the procedure by which insurers would be graded and adopts the form on which the results are presented.

The complete texts of the proposed Rules are attached for review.

As of August 2, no hearing has yet been requested on this matter.

To view the administrative history of these Rules, which began on July 2, 2009, click here.



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