Action Line: Countrywide can’t seem to unearth $1,098.94

Jun 25, 2008

Miami Herald--June 24, 2008

Q. I’m the owner of a public insurance adjuster firm. On April 9, I mailed a check for $5,200.90 to Countrywide for endorsement as settlement of an insurance claim. The check was made out to my company, Countrywide and the mortgagee. We and the mortgagee signed the check, as instructed by Countrywide, and I attached an invoice for $1,098.94 in services owed by the mortgagor, which Countrywide promised to mail to my office.

The house is in foreclosure, and I have talked to two Countrywide supervisors, who promised to release the funds. The foreclosure agent hasn’t released my money. Today, I called Countrywide at three different numbers without any success. Countrywide’s property claims department and customer service unit is a nightmare.

— Jose Herazo, via e-mail

A. We forwarded your complaint to Countrywide. While it didn’t reply to Action Line’s requests for comment, you did receive a phone call from a new Countrywide rep, asking for a copy of your company’s W-9 (for the third time, you say). You faxed it again and should receive the check within the week.