ACTION ALERT: Senate Bill 754 Certificate of Destruction

Apr 21, 2014

Dear Recycler,

TIME is running out to STOP Senate Bill 754 (Certificate of Destruction Bill). It is being voted by the complete Senate Floor this Wednesday. You must pick up your phone and call your Senator or their Legislative Aide today and ask them the vote NO on SB 754. Please have employees, friends, or whomever to do the same before Tuesday evening. You can get contact information at

Example: I am personally asking you to vote NO on Senate Bill 754 this Wednesday, April 23, 2014 on the Senate Floor. I am concerned that Public Safety is being jeopardized to benefit the profits for salvage auctions. The Florida citizens and business will suffer if this Bill is passed. Please vote NO.

Below is placed some thoughts you can use, but use your words of concern.

1. Public Safety will not be protected for the majority of these vehicles. The language that insures the COD (Certificate Of Destruction) on a 7 year or less vehicle, with a value of more than $7500, and has 90 % or more of value damage is very reasonable. BUT all other vehicles are at the risk of having a Rebuildable Title by the decision of an Insurance Adjuster. Severely damaged, Flood, or Fire vehicles need a guideline. Even heavy equipment such as Dump Trucks and Semi-trucks are included.

2. The Rebuilt Process is only an Identification inspection of vehicle and repaired parts documents. This inspection will not insure the vehicle was properly repaired and roadworthy.

3. Theft and Fraud will increase when you allow a non-financially repairable vehicle to be purchased as a Rebuildable. Think about a vehicle worth $10,000. Why and How would you properly repair the vehicle when the cost is more than 100% or $10,000. It is not reasonable, so Why would you vote YES to allow it?

4. Removing the 80% Threshold that determines a line between good and bad which is needed in the process, but will be removed on the majority of damaged vehicles.

5. The People, Businesses, and the State will suffer when you allow more salvage vehicles to leave our State. By placing a Rebuildable Brand on a vehicle, it is more enticing for Buyers from other States and Foreign Countries to bid and purchase salvage. This State reaps absolutely no benefit when a salvage vehicle leaves the State, only the salvage auctions will reap more profits.

Should you have any questions please contact Cody Schwarz (