St. Petersburg Times’ Buzz Blog: Haridopolos adds to Senate team: David Simmons, Anitere Flores, Evelyn Lynn

Nov 12, 2010

This article was posted to the St. Peterburg Times on November 12, 2010: 

Haridopolos adds to Senate team: David Simmons, Anitere Flores, Evelyn Lynn


Incoming Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos today announced the appointment of the newly created Republican Conference chair and Majority Whips for the Senate.

  •     Senator Evelyn Lynn, Republican Conference Chair
  •     Senator Anitere Flores, Majority Whip
  •     Senator David Simmons, Majority Whip

Republican Conference Chair Evelyn Lynn (R- Ormond Beach) will serve as chair of the newly-created Republican Conference. In this position, Senator Lynn will be responsible for leading the 28-member Republican majority in conference meetings and other non-legislative activities. Senator Lynn has served in the Florida Senate since 2002 and previously served eight years in the House of Representatives.

“As Republican Conference chair, Senator Lynn will have an important role on my leadership team,” said incoming President Haridopolos.  “Senator Lynn is one of the longest current serving members of the legislature. Her valuable insight and experience will keep the Republican Conference unified as we begin our work on behalf of all Floridians.”

Majority Whip Anitere Flores (R-Miami) will serve as one of two Majority Whips. The whips are responsible for ensuring each of the 28 Republican Senators are fully informed on legislative issues and gauge the members’ support on specific legislation.   Senator Flores is newly elected to the Senate after serving six years in the House of Representatives.

“Senator Flores brings enthusiasm and a strong grasp of policy issues to this assignment,” said incoming President Haridopolos. “She’ll do an outstanding job keeping majority Senators informed on issues and ensuring we have the needed votes to pass legislation.”

Majority Whip David Simmons (R- Altamonte Springs) will also serve as a Majority Whip. Senator Simmons is newly elected to the Senate and served in the House of Representatives from 2000 to 2008.

 “Senator Simmons brings passion for good state policy to his position as Majority Whip,” said incoming President Haridopolos. ““Having served with him in the House of Representatives, no one is better prepared with a grasp of the broad issues we address in the legislature than Senator Simmons.”

All new assignments take effect November 16 when the Senate meets in organization session.

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