Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Wednesday, September 26

Sep 26, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

There are no Florida insurance-related events scheduled for today.

Daily Insurance-Related News


More take outs announced as Citizens Property Insurance moves toward loan program

The Office of Insurance Regulation announced Monday it approved 60,000 more policies to be taken out of Citizens Property Insurance Corp. by private companies.


Citizens Property Insurance customers need more facts about private insurers, advocates say

The push by Florida’s largest property insurer to transfer a record number of policies to private firms is sparking calls to offer homeowners more details that will help them make the critical decision about whether to switch.


Blog:  Florida House candidate Ian Whitney slams Florida Governor Rick Scott’s property insurance hikes in new ad

Ian Whitney, a Democratic candidate for the Southernmost district in the Florida House, is out with a new ad tying Governor Rick Scott to unpopular property insurance hikes.


Reinsurance Intermediary Seeks Arbitration in Florida Federal Court with Multinational Life

A reinsurance intermediary and its subsidiary have petitioned a Florida federal judge to compel arbitration of its dispute with Multinational Life Insurance Co. arising from several underwriting management agreements.


American Family Insurance to acquire Permanent General in Florida, other states

American Family Insurance has reached agreement to acquire PGC Holdings Corp.  and its subsidiaries, including non-standard auto insurers Permanent General and The General.


Florida workers’ compensation crackdown leads to 2 arrests

A crackdown on “cheat to compete” companies has netted two more arrests in South Florida:  A woman allegedly involved in a check-cashing ring and a man accused of transmitting money without a license.


Blog:  Fictional Tampa insurance adjuster prepares for prime time

A modern crime drama set in Florida could get a crack at the national television limelight.


Florida Insurance Businessman Bill Gaylor Announces No Party Candidacy for U.S. Senate

Florida businessman, Bill Gaylor recently announced his bid for the U.S. Senate.


Florida joins efforts to register new Florida voters

Secretary of State Ken Detzner and the League of Women Voters of Florida put aside past differences over new restrictions on voter registration drives and joined forces today for a media campaign.


Republican Party of Florida is Confident of Quick Off-Ballot Replacement for Mike Horner

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry is confident that a candidate will be found in the next few days to replace state Representative Mike Horner, who quickly withdrew from the race Monday after his name was linked to an east Orange County prostitution client list.


Florida Senate president scolds lobbyists who opposed his candidates

It is the talk of Tallahassee:  Incoming Senate President Don Gaetz arrived in Orlando to accept an award from a business lobbying group and then banned two lobbyists from his office for orchestrating attacks on his candidates in the Republican primary.


Post:  Questions raised about future funding of Florida drug database

Money for a state program aimed at combating prescription drug abuse is running out, raising questions about how long the program will stay afloat and whether the state should pay for it.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Taj Mahal Photo Issue Brings Department of Management Services, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater to Court

Locked in a dispute about paying for photographs at the controversial 1st District Court of Appeal, the Florida Department of Management Services this week filed a lawsuit against state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and an agency he leads.


Natural Gas has a Long Row to Hoe as Public Station Opens in Florida

State and county officials proudly marked the opening Tuesday of a private natural gas fueling station that will be used to reduce fuel costs by the Leon County School District.


Column:  Florida lawmakers to consider public sector costs, benefits

Ever have a bad day at the Department of Motor Vehicles? Or had a math teacher flunk your brilliant child? Then you have a feel for why public employees are such easy targets for budget cuts.


Education commissioner search extended

The search for a new Florida education commissioner will continue into December if not longer.




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