Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, February 28

Feb 28, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2012 Regular Legislative Session

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9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.–Senate Session

  • CS/SB 578 relating to Depopulation Programs of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation; Senator Garrett Richter
  • CS/SB 730 relating to Medicaid Managed Care plans; Senators Joe Negron and Don Gaetz
  • SB 1152 relating to the Repeal of a Workers’ Compensation Independent Actuarial Peer Review Requirement; Senator Garrett Richter
  • SB 1232 relating to Open Government Sunset Review/Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability Policies. Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance

(CANCELED) 9:00 a.m.–Florida Cabinet meeting.  To view the cancelation notice, click here.

State Board of Administration agenda

  • Authorize the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund to file a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Rule 19-8.029, F.A.C., “Insurer Reporting Requirements,” and Rule 19-8.030, F.A.C., “Insurer Responsibilities,” and to authorize filing these two rules for adoption if no member of the public timely requests a rule hearing. 

9:30 a.m.–Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Proposed Rule Hearing.  Rule 69O-162.203: Adoption of 2001 Commissioners Standard Ordinary Preferred Mortality Tables for Determining Reserve Liabilities for Ordinary Life Insurance.  Rule amendments would incorporate changes made to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Model Regulation, explain the conditions for use of the preferred class structure mortality tables and permit use of the mortality tables for policies issued prior to the adoption date of the original Rule.  To view the hearing notice, click here.

(CANCELED) 10:00 a.m.–Florida Surplus Lines Service Office National Clearinghouse Committee meeting.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

10:00 a.m.–House Session

  • CS/CS/CS/HB 725 relating to Insurance Agents and Adjusters by House Economic Affairs Committee; House Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee; House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee; State Representative Bill Hager
  • CS/CS/HB 1101 relating to Insurance by House Economic Affairs Committee; House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee; State Representative Mike Horner

10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.–Senate Budget Subcommittee on General Government Appropriations

  • CS/SB 1620 relating to Insurance by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Richter
  • SB 676 relating to Workers’ Compensation Certificate-of-Exemption Process by Senator Chris Smith
  • CS/SB 802 relating to Premises Liability by the Senate Committee on Judiciary; Environmental Preservation and Conservation
  • SB 1094 Relating to Workers’ Compensation by Senator Alan Hays
  • CS/SB 1262 Relating to Warranty Associations by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Steve Oelrich
  • CS/SB 1372 relating to the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator J.D. Alexander
  • CS/SB 1428  relating to Renewal of a Commercial Lines Insurance Policy by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Smith
  • SB 1518 relating to Property and Casualty Insurance by Senator Hays
  • CS/SB 1844 relating to Alien Insurers by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Jack Latvala

10:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.–Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Appropriations;

  • SB 668 relating to Workers’ Compensation Medical Services by Senator Hays

3:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.–Senate Committee on Budget

  • CS/CS/SB 1404 Relating to Title Insurance by Senate Committee on Judiciary; Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Thad Altman
  • SB 378 relating to Expert Testimony by Senator Richter
  • CS/SB 1860 relating to Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection Insurance by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Joe Negron



Daily Insurance-Related News


Lawmakers looking to derail controversial Citizens Property Insurance bill

A group of Republican senators is working to derail legislation that would push thousands of Florida homeowners out of Citizens Property Insurance and into unregulated private insurers.


Florida Senator Mike Fasano feted, but vows to fight surplus lines bill

The term-limited New Port Richey Republican on Monday morning criticized SB 578, which would allow surplus lines companies — out-of-state, unregulated insurance providers — to take over only the least-risky policies from state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corparation.


Traffic tickets aplenty:  Florida Highway Patrol kicks off aggressive driving campaign

Florida Highway Patrol troopers fanned out across South Florida’s highways on Monday, kicking off a three-day crackdown to tame unruly drivers.


Florida Lawmakers Split on Workers’ Compensation Drug Dispensing; Rate Cut Possible

Florida lawmakers appear headed toward a stalemate over how to rein-in the cost of physician-dispensed workers’ compensation prescription drugs. In an effort to force a deal, Senate lawmakers are calling for a statewide average 2.5 percent rate cut if a bill is passed, even if the rate cut is not actuarially justified.


House moves Medicaid glitch bill

Lawmakers who last year resisted the call to place a medical loss ratio requirement in a sweeping Medicaid overhaul did a turnabout on Monday.


Public health advocates denounce Florida Department of Health overhaul bill

Public health advocates spoke out against a bill aimed at reorganizing the state’s Department of Health during its passage in a House health committee today.


Blog:  Healthcare groups ramp up criticism of proposed hospital cuts

A long list of healthcare advocacy organizations have joined together to lobby against proposed budget cuts they say will be devastating to hospitals and have a trickle down effect to Florida families.


Florida legislators passing ceremonial bills denouncing health care reform

Despite a continuing public legal challenge waged by the state of Florida, state lawmakers are still dedicating a significant amount of time to passing memorials, bills that are mostly ceremonial, urging the federal government to repeal the health care reform bill.


Florida lawmakers cut claim sought for paralyzed boy

Florida lawmakers have sharply reduced compensation in a claims bill for a Colorado boy who suffered catastrophic injuries due to negligence by a public hospital where he was born in Fort Myers.


Florida House, Senate leaders getting closer to a deal on budget allocations

House and Senate leaders said Monday that they had been talking informally through the weekend to reach an agreement on budget allocations, but they still need to resolve a few sticking points before a formal conference can begin.


Bill to break up foreclosure backlog heads to Senate floor

A measure designed to speed up the foreclosure process in Florida is headed to the Senate floor, despite vocal opposition from distressed homeowners and a narrow 6-4 vote in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee on Monday.


Hearing begins on challenge to proposed state water quality rules

A scheduled eight-day hearing on a challenge to proposed state water quality rules began Monday with a marine scientist testifying that the guildelines would not protect coral reefs or prevent toxic red tides.


Florida’s largest poker room to open this week in Jacksonville

The state’s largest poker room opens Thursday in Jacksonville, moving gambling away from the dog track and putting it right in the middle of the Regency area.


Senate approves plan to make University of South Florida Polytechnic state’s 12th University

Late yesterday, the state Senate approved a plan to make University of South Florida’s Polytechnic campus the state’s 12th university. Only four lawmakers voted against it.


Florida House unveils its own plan for developmentally disabled

One provision in the House Health and Human Services Committee bill would require the agency to fully implement the iBudget by the end of June 2013.


House Democrats decry process as panel sends school sports, charter bills to floor

Visions of communist “Politburos” and tactics came to Representative Luis Garcia Jr., D-Miami Beach, as Republicans cut short time for debate and public input on bills to expand charter schools and make it easier for private school students to play sports at public high schools.


Blog:  Florida Senator Jim Norman gets another Republican opponent in state Senate race

Rob Wallace, a former state representative, has announced his intention to challenge state Sen. Jim Norman this year.


Blog:  St. Petersburg lawyer to challenge U.S. Representative C.W. Bill Young

St. Petersburg lawyer and former congressional aide Jessica Ehrlich has announced she’ll run against U.S. Representative C.W. Bill Young.


Attorneys Reject Settlement Offer from Louisiana Last-Resort Insurer

Attorneys representing a group of homeowners that sued the Louisiana insurer of last resort have rejected a settlement offer, calling it “fatally flawed.”


Washington Post:  Allstate Names Winter to Head Auto, Home Insurance Division

Allstate Corporation, the largest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer, named Matt Winter to head the division that provides protection for cars and residences as Chief Executive Officer Thomas Wilson reshapes management.


Washington Post:  Some insurers try selling health plans at consumer-friendly retail outlets  

When Ronda Austin’s employer stopped offering health coverage last spring, she bought an individual policy from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida.



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