The Broward League of Cities is encouraging increased participation in the ‘Send Your Sales Tax to School’ program which provides money to Broward’s school system for technological upgrades

Nov 14, 2012



The Broward League of Cities Education Committee is urging increased participation in the “Send Your Sales Tax to School Program,” which has provided much-needed dollars to the Broward County Public School System for technological upgrades. Highlights from the program follow:


What You Need To Know About “Send Your Sales Tax to School”


“Send Your Sales Tax to School” is a initiative that encourages Broward businesses that are entitled to a collection allowance for calculating and collecting the sales tax they send to the state, to instead, donate those funds to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund to support technology in Broward County Public Schools.


In 2010, Florida businesses retained $61 Million in collection allowances as compensation for time spent on accounting and filing returns. If all Broward businesses took part in this program, the District could potentially receive over $6 million to support instructional use of technology.         

With just the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse, Broward businesses can participate in the “Send Your Sales Tax to School” program and increase the access Broward students have to the latest technology. By checking the appropriate box each month on their Sales and Use Tax Return form, the collection allowance (maximum $30) each business receives for calculating and collecting sales tax will, instead, go to BCPS. All funds received by the District will be used to purchase technology for classrooms and train teachers to insure effective use of the technology.
Businesses located out-of-state or in a county that has not adopted the required resolution, may still donate their collection allowance to education. In those cases, funds will be equally distributed among school districts that have passed the resolution. 

To view complete details on the “Send Your Sales Tax to School Program,” click here.