State Representative Perry Thurston Named As Democratic Liaison to House Office of Reapportionment

Jan 4, 2009


TO: House Democratic Caucus Members and Staff

Florida House of Representatives

FROM: House Democratic Leader Franklin Sands

DATE: December 31, 2008

SUBJECT: Democratic Liaison to the Office of Reapportionment

I am pleased to announce that I have named Representative Perry Thurston as the Democratic liaison to the Florida House Office of Reapportionment.

Representative Thurston will be responsible for coordinating with staff and other House members the Democratic Caucus’ interests in matters concerning congressional and legislative reapportionment and redistricting. For this assignment, Representative Thurston’s legal background will be a tremendous asset.

The reapportionment and redistricting responsibilities facing the Legislature over the next several years carry great long-term importance to the people of Florida. I appreciate Representative Thurston’s willingness to take on these additional duties.