Plane carrying Gov. Charlie Crist makes emergency landing

May 7, 2008

Orlando Sentinel–May 6, 2008

Associated Press

The state plane carrying Gov. Charlie Crist had to make a U-turn over Georgia and return to Tallahassee after three controls malfunctioned.

Crist spokeswoman Erin Isaac, who was aboard the plane, says the governor is OK and there were no problems landing the plane Tuesday. She said pilots made the decision to go back when mechanisms that control the plane’s tail, its up and down steering and the autopilot malfunctioned.

Crist was on his way to Washington to meet with House members and participate in a round-table discussion on the Colombia free trade agreement being held up by Democrats.

Crist also had a scare during his 2006 campaign, when pilots had to make an emergency landing when an engine cut out.