North Lauderdale wants to split Florida into two states

May 7, 2008

South Carolina, South Dakota and … South Florida?

By Lisa J. Huriash
South Florida Sun-Sentinel--May 6, 2008
Furious at what they consider the giving of more tax dollars than they get, North Lauderdale commissioners passed a resolution to divide Florida into two states: North Florida and South Florida.

They’d draw the boundary line at Jupiter, the northernmost city in Palm Beach County and head south down through Broward and Miami-Dade counties and into Monroe County.

"It’s based out of frustration with the state Legislature ignoring the cities in South Florida," said North Lauderdale Commissioner Rich Moyle. "They don’t really care too much what happens with South Florida."

Commissioners want to get the word out, directing the city clerk to send copies of their April 29 resolution to state officials, plus all members of Congress and President Bush.

They invited other South Florida cities to join them. Tonight Margate weighs the issue.

The resolution apparently is more a statement than an actual threat.

"I see the point they are trying to make," state Sen. Jeremy Ring said Tuesday, "but every part of the state has its own challenges."

"South Florida feels like we’re getting shafted by North Florida, and my friends in North Florida think they are getting shafted by South Florida," added Ring, a Democrat from Parkland who also represents Margate and North Lauderdale.

"Is the grass greener in Tennessee? Well, if I move there, probably not."