New DHSMV Web site speeds access to driver information

Aug 3, 2009

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recently added a feature to its Web site enabling customers who have received traffic citations in Florida to check their eligibility to attend driver-improvement school.

Ann Nucatola, the department’s press secretary, said customers had been calling to see if they could attend the classes. She said the feature helps streamline the process.

“Anything that we can do to enhance our customer service is something that we are going to look into,” Nucatola said. “We’re always looking for ways to improve.”

Along with checking their eligibility for driver-improvement school, customers can also renew their driver’s licenses; check the status of their motor vehicles and driver licenses, identification cards and vehicle tags; and change their addresses.

Marcus Lawrence, 23, a student at Tallahassee Community College, said he believes the features are a welcome addition.

“I think it’s great,” Lawrence said. “I think the new feature is convenient because it gives drivers the status on their record, which is needed so they can see how many points they have. I don’t know how many points I have, so it would be great for me to use the site to get an update on myself.”

To access the information, visit and enter the driver’s license number. Drivers will find a link to the list of approved driving courses on the site.